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2017 Open Letter from a Mother

(This story is from a mother of a current member of a UBF chapter in Canada. All personal info has been removed for the family’s protection)

I am a single mother. We live near a college and got to know a UBF household in the neighborhood when my son was 12 years old. He was a happy child. I blindly trusted my son to do bible study with them as this woman Rebekah appeared to be so nice. A year or two before my son turned legal adult age, he was not quite himself and it easily passed as ‘he was going through a phase’. We had a rough time. When my son turned legal adult age entering first year university, the true UBF face was revealed. They got us separated while my son lived near a university campus and at the end of first year got him into a ‘disciple house’ under their control. They ‘returned’ him 2 years later after I approached the college near us and local politician. While he lived at home, I could see the level of anger and hatred was much more than before. There was also constant threat of ending relationship as he had a very negative mindset about me. He refused to communicate in depth with me. Piecing from bits of conversation I could gather, it seemed he believed he was so abused that the biblical principle of honouring parents did not apply. He managed to complete second and third year with good results while living at home, after wasting a year attending the nearby college for random courses where this chapter is. He moved out 2 months ago with no real financial planning, because I “offended” UBF. I know UBF is continuing the family cut off practice again as before. I am not sure how to handle it and fear his final year may be negatively affected. Have you come across similar situations from others? …….

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