UBFism – Confirmed Abuses

Through many in-person and social media interactions, I have confirmed the following kinds of abuse have occurred at University Bible Fellowship chapters. All names, dates and private details are withheld due to legal concerns.

Sexual abuse. I have confirmed many cases of sexual molestation in various places and various times. The total count of incidents may be as high as 20. For the cases where I have documented proof of the incidents, I have already filed reports with the proper police authorities in the U.S.

Abortions. I have confirmed as many as 5 cases of abortions by UBF members, either because they were directed to do so by their shepherd or because they felt the pressure to conform to the mission-centered mindset instilled by UBFism. In each case, the people wanting the abortions expressed a range of emotions, such as shame for having children too early in their marriage or a desire to sacrifice everything for the sake of UBF mission.

Suicides. I have confirmed several cases of suicides of UBF members, either before or after leaving the group. The suicides happened because of a combination of factors, but the undue religious influence of UBFism and the demand to conform to the ideal shepherd identity are at the core of the feelings expressed by those who committed suicide.

Financial abuse. I have confirmed numerous cases of the abuse of finances of UBF members. In addition to extreme pressure to tithe weekly/monthly/regularly, there are UBF members who have taken out high dollar loans to make special offerings. Families at UBF have paid thousands of dollars to register students for Bible conferences who never showed up. At times, members have been coerced into quick, ill-advised financial decisions regarding big ticket items such as houses and cars, all for the sake of UBF mission.

The following specifics are just the tip of the iceberg of confirmed cases over the past several decades that have not been addressed:

– An older Korean missionary has routinely slept with his daughter.
– An American shepherd regularly molested children at CBF.
– A student regularly molested children and then was appointed to lead children’s singing.
– An American shepherd was made to live in a one room apartment with only a small window in order to kill off his worldly desires.
– An American shepherd was sick and kept at home with an IV instead of going to the emergency room.
– A Korean missionary died at a UBF center and they prayed instead of calling 911.
– Some 2nd gens are locked in their rooms after they partied too much and got drunk.