They want to break you

The reason I wrote my book, Identity Snatchers: Exposing a Korean Campus Bible Cult, is to warn students going to college about the group called University Bible Fellowship (UBF). I want to warn about many issues, but the primary issue is the loss of identity that the group’s teaching, called UBFism, causes in young adults.

UBF wants to break you. UBF wants to rebuild your identity. UBF wants to break your will, your emotions and your conscience so that a new identity, called a UBF Shepherd, can be sculpted in your life.

The evidence for my claim can be found in many online sources. Here are the primary two sources.

UBF teaches that you must be broken down

One of the many false teachings at UBF is this one, twisted from Matthew 19:16-30. To break down an adult personality until they become like a child is a cult-control technique, described by cult expert, Steven Hassan:

“It is not accidental that many destructive cults tell their members to ‘become like little children,’ mimicking Christianity: ‘You must be as one of these to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.’ Adults can easily be age-regressed to a time when they had little or no critical faculties. As children, we were helpless and dependent on our parents as the ultimate authority figures.” —Combating Cult Mind Control: The #1 Best-Selling Guide to Protection, Rescue and Recovery from Destructive Cults Kindle Edition, loc. 1845

Here is a recent official UBF daily devotion teaching:

“Jesus is drawing this young man to Himself by creating a conflict in his heart that will eventually turn into a “pearl of great price” – faith. his identity as a law-abiding, religious Jew, though strongly held and deeply sincere, must be broken down so this young man can become like a child and experience a genuine relationship with God.”

“One Word: Swallow the bitter pill…”

(below is a screenshot of the 9/24/2015 UBF Daily Bread)db2015-09-24


UBF wants to rebuild your identity

The former UBF member quoted in this newspaper article expresses the problem with UBFism very well:

“It’s a classic brainwashing technique used on prisoners of war. They get you to the breaking point and then they become your redeemers and rebuild you in the image they have for you.”