What happens to your identity?

The focus of my book, Identity Snatchers, is to explore and expose the process of identity replacement that occurs when a college student becomes a member of University Bible Fellowship. There are seven stages that I identify, stemming from many years of examining my own 24 year experience at UBF and the experiences of hundreds of other former members of the group.

This former member expresses the identity change quite well:

“My family was concerned because they saw that psychological abuse was insidious in this group. They believed that I was being coerced and unduly influenced into doing things that I would not normally do. I won’t go into the details of such for brevity’s sake. They took these drastic and desperate measures only after numerous attempts at calmly talking to me about what their concerns were. Because of the UBF mindset that I was in at the time, I would not even listen to, much less consider such concerns. The reason for this had to do with the mind control techniques that were and still seem to be utilized to keep people in UBF. Through UBF teachings, one comes to believe that people outside of UBF are less than spiritual and anyone who questions what is going on in UBF are enemies of God.”

–Anonymous, former Cincinnati UBF member