Here at UBFriends, we are willing to publish any kind of creative writing and artistic work that honors God. A while back, we received an audio recording of a song named Siloam, written and performed by Augustine and John Dang of Milwaukee. We weren’t quite sure how to post it, because this website is not set set up for audio streaming. Eventually we turned it into a video file (adding a single frame still photo) and uploaded it to YouTube. So here it is. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: This song is the property of Augustine Dang and John Dang, recorded July 2010. We would be thrilled if others used this song in personal and/or corporate worship. However, the song may not be performed for profit or sold in recorded form without the permission of Augustine Dang or John Dang.


  1. This is a nice little song. Thanks John and Augustine, for sharing this song!

  2. very catchy. =)

  3. I want to hear more!