Christ is Risen!

Christ is risen, Christ is living,
dry your tears, be unafraid!
Death and darkness could not hold him,
nor the tomb in which he lay.
Do not look among the dead for
one who lives for evermore;
tell the world that Christ is risen,
make it known he goes before.

If the Lord had never risen,
we’d have nothing to believe.
But his promise can be trusted:
“You will live, because I live.”
As we share the death of Adam,
so in Christ we live again;
death has lost its sting and terror,
Christ is down to earth to reign.

Death has lost its old dominion,
let the world rejoice and shout!
Christ the first-born of the living,
gives us life and leads us out.
Let us thank our God who causes
hope to spring up from the ground;
Christ is risen, Christ is giving
life eternal, life profound.


  1. Brian Karcher
    Brian Karcher

    Thank you for posting each of these hymns!  It is refreshing to take time to pause and consider these.

  2. I might have to steal this for this week’s praise  at the sunday service  ;)