I never thought I could be a fan of a New York sports team. Sorry, New Yorkers! Nothing personal. But Linsanity changed me. As we might say, I was “cooked,” and I now have a man crush! May God give Jeremy grace to point to the beauty of Christ.

This is what Yao Ming says of Jeremy Lin: “What I see from Jeremy and what I hear in his interviews is he appreciates everything. He pursues his dream. His attitude is so peaceful, but there is strength to him. It is not a violent strength like fire or something aggressive. It is like the ocean, very peaceful, very quiet when you look at it. But you can never underestimate the power that is in there.” I never realized Yao Ming is so poetic. I am beginning to love my fellow countrymen more!


  1. Darren Gruett

    A “man crush”–what a great phrase. On a more serious note, I think it is wonderful that more Christian athletes are becoming open about their faith. Another name in the NBA that comes to mind is Dwayne Wade from the Miami Heat.

    • Really, Dwayne Wade? His main news over the past few years is his quite public divorce. Not sure of what the causative circumstances were.

  2. Darren Gruett

    Yeah, it is hard to believe. But you can read for yourself here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dwayne_Wade#Religion.

  3. reading this makes me think of Phil 4:8, “…whatever is admirable- if anything is is excellent or praiseworthy-think about such things.”

    I’m not saying JLin is perfect, i dont idolize him, but his talent is undeniable. It came from God, of course, (his height and weight are definitely not hereditary!… look at the rest of his family), but he worked at it and still works at it. (he practices like crazy)

     In God I can have a healthy appreciation of his talent. In God we can appreciate things in the right proportions. We can enjoy bball and music and art… these are the things I love and God doesn’t want to take them away. He puts them in the right light, giving them meaning and value in comparison to him. He is on the throne and all others are below him. This way my love for those other things doesn’t kill me… PTL!!

  4. Thanks, MJ. I do not feel guilty if I have a lot, because I do not idolize it. I do not feel bitter if I have nothing, because I have Jesus. Keeping one’s center in Christ enables us to enjoy times of plenty and even times of drought. The apostle Paul was always content, in plenty or in want.