Like Button Updates

sDuring this downtime for our conversations here, I thought it would be interesting to highlight some things we can learn from our “like” buttons. As I mentioned before, the buttons are anonymous. We do not have access to any user-specific data about the buttons, not even ip address or country. So here are some statistics for ourĀ 350+ articles and 11,300+ comments.

Most liked:

The most likes we got on any article was 29 likes:

There was a tie for the most liked comment, each with 16 likes:

Most disliked:

The most dislikes we got on any article was 11 dislikes:

The most dislikes we got on any comment was 9 dislikes:

What do these statistics mean?

What do you think this says about our community here? How could we use this feedback to faciliate more dialogue? What patterns or insights can you discern here? Any thoughts on where you would like to see the dialogues go?

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