Having Fun

CTA key to having fun is to truly being yourself and living out who you are. When one is truly who they are, they live in the freedom and contentment and spirit of who they are. There is no pretense about them. But if we are not who we truly are, then we cannot but live to comply with the expectation of others (society, family, church). When we are not who we truly are, we become slaves based on the imposition and oppression of others.

Appreciation. Last Fri, West Loop (WL) held our annual appreciation dinner. Our 12 WL families attended. We had FUN. We went to an all you can eat buffet for $27 per person. You could eat as many lobsters as you wanted. I only had two! We were constantly laughing…and eating. We appreciated our six WL pastors/elders: Rhoel, Henry, Tim, Arthur, Jim, Ben. After dinner, we adjourned to Arthur’s home. We chatted, had drinks, did karaoke…and ate some more. I was “upset” the next day, because I gained 3 lbs! But I had fun.

Criticism. Some people criticized WL for only having fun. Initially, it annoyed me. But why should it? It is true! I am having fun. In fact, I am having the time of my life (Phil 4:4; 1 Th 5:16).

God. Jesus has never been more real to me (Mt 28:20). I experience his presence (Gal 2:20) and his grace often (1 Cor 15:10), and often with tears of unspeakable joy and gratitude. My thanksgiving to God overwhelms me because I know how undeserving I am and how unwarranted God’s kindness to me is (Rom 2:4).

Bible. I enjoy studying the Bible for many hours every day (Ps 119:70, 77, 174; Rom 7:22). John MacArthur says that he studies the Bible for seven hours every day. I lack his diligence in matching that many hours a day, even though I am semi-retired.

Preaching. I enjoy preaching on Sun (even though the weekly burden is often great, especially when I am not sure what I want to say, or how to say it, or how to present the theme clearly and fluidly!) I enjoy meeting people in community and serving Bible studies during the week (2 Tim 4:2).

CtBtWife. My wife and I are on our honeymoon every day (even when we are upset and annoyed at each other over the silliest things!). We are talking and laughing every day (Prov 5:18).

Children. Our four kids are authentic Christians (I believe). They have hardly ever caused me any grief or caused me to be ashamed of them. I am so proud of them (Prov 23:24; 10:1; Ps 127:4-5). Because of God’s grace to each of them, I often say, “I’m done” (even if God is clearly not done with me!).

Friends. I have many friends that I can freely talk to honestly and openly about anything and everything (Eph 4:15; Col 4:6). This is truly a credit to them, because I often invariably upset them by my double ABC disposition (abrupt, abrasive, blunt, brutal, confrontational, confounding). Yet they freely and repeatedly overlook my highly annoying idiosyncrasies, which are usually not intentional (but sometimes they are!). I even provoke and offend some people online (as there are more “dislikes,” which is fun)! These days I thank God that many people, including young people, feel free enough to rebuke, correct, encourage or exhort me (Heb 3:13).

Peace. I have no bitterness, resentment, ill will or grievance toward anyone (Heb 12:14), not even those who upset me and others. The fact that God enables me to not be incensed or infuriated with others is surely his merciful grace to me.

Grace. I am having fun ONLY because of the love of God, the grace of Jesus and the presence of the Holy Spirit (2 Cor 13:14). This is pure gospel and pure grace to me. It is nothing I did to earn or deserve such a grace.

Are you having fun?


  1. This is awesome Ben, and clearly demonstrates why Westloop Church is on my list of redeemed ubf chapters (that list is very very short…)

    You asked, Are you having fun? Yes! I was just told I am doing Satan’s work (yet again) on my blog the other day. I was surprised that such things are actually becoming fun. When I read the bible in the Message version, I can’t stop laughing at how true the bible is.

    Sometimes these days I feel like Captain Jack Sparrow… and not just because of the rum.

  2. Dr. Toh,
    Before coming to Christ, I always felt God the most when I hung out with my closest friends. We didnt have to do anything particularly fun or engaging. I just loved being with them. There literally was a spirit in the room when your sharing laughs among close friends.