The Power of Now

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 11.40.00 AMWhat if we figured out and did good and right things now? What if we had already done them years, even decades ago? On the other hand, what if we don’t do them for more decades?

For example, I grew up Catholic. Why did we feel like priests were on a pedestal? What if we noticed and realized then that a child somewhere had been molested? Probably we could have exposed the problem and helped avoid countless other children being molested. Probably countless donations would not have later been lost in lawsuits.

My dad was a plumber so I learned about water heaters and such growing up. The gas company these days has a zero tolerance policy for leaks. If you report a leak, or a periodic inspection detects one, the line will be shut off until repaired. The repairs will need to be done by you if inside your house or the gas company if outside your house. But it wasn’t always so. Over the years I had occasionally heard in the news about a house somewhere that blew up from an unrepaired leak.

What about UBF “works” and glory-seeking mentality?┬áTo be fair, what about some other denomination’s health and wealth mentality? If reform efforts had been accepted in 1976 or 1989 or 2001, how many troubles and travesties could have been avoided? Is it not the “perfect social and emotional storm” when sincere young people, who are searching for meaning and purpose in life, encounter the extremes of religion? Some are drowned in a sea of anxiety or despair. Others float a while but lose confidence and direction, thereby succumbing to worldly problems. Lucky few overcome to search and be set free by the Holy Spirit of Life.

Decades ago probably was not too early. Decades more is certainly unjustifiable, if not intolerable. NOW is here behooving us to make the most of it.

Can we afford socially, emotionally, intellectually, physically and spiritually, not to act today? Today is the day.



  1. big bear

    Mark..great is the day of repentance…if only we learn to listen to each other and learn and change by the work of the Holy Spirit…in UBF leaders give much advice to outsiders but fail to see abuse and harm they are doing to the body of Christ…again to love people, families and the body of Christ is much lacking…today I saw on facebook a picture of many of the UBF leaders with a title warriors of God…I hope that they may be liberated in God love and understand their ugly history and pray for reform and healing…

  2. Thanks for this short, straight to the point article Mark. Indeed, the time is now. Jesus *is* the way.

  3. Gajanan Nial
    Gajanan Nial

    Thanks Mark for this article.
    Elsewhere Joe wrote: “UBF is in a state of turmoil.”

    Praise God for the turmoil! Long overdue!! But the time to act is NOW.

    I pray that they will heed MT 21:44 “He who falls on this stone will be broken to pieces, but he on whom it falls will be crushed.”
    Dear UBF leaders, the Kingdom of God is near. Repent and believe the good news.

  4. Mark Mederich

    is this the quiet before, or after the storm?
    praytell Right Voices erupt until critical mass pushes change from corruption to resolution
    (this also applies to corrupted higher ed, especially supposed elite nu & associated religious mob)
    wow isn’t renewal fun? why didn’t we enjoy this decades ago?

  5. Mark Mederich

    sorry friends but now has passed; whoever wants to wait till next century or never, go ahead; as for me right-seeking/truth-exposing voice toward action shall continue on all fronts: religion/education/etc..HALLELUJAH!

  6. Mark Mederich


  7. Mark Mederich


  8. Mark Mederich

    wow, been too busy but heard CAPS are an issue..or is the decades overdue systemic change the REAL (oops) issue?

  9. Mark Mederich

    gotta go vote for chuy. let’s keep progressin in religio/educatio/politico/etcetero:) past ridiculosities & present obstacles are being overcome by the courageous! Hallelujah!