Writer's Block

When I told someone recently that I studied Creative Writing in college, he responded, “Oh man, I can’t write at all.” That’s what I typically get when I talk to people about writing, especially in our ministry, which is weird when you think about it. If any ministry promotes writing, as a means of personal growth and even in discipleship, it’s UBF. Testimonies — they’re what we do.

I used to think a testimony was what it says it is: to testify about the work of God in my life. That made a testimony a pretty stressful thing. On a weekly basis, I tried to find what God was saying in a passage, apply it to my life, make a decision based on application and then, because it’s a “testimony,” testify to the fruit of that application. Doing that every week, I found, was stressful, counterproductive and just impossible.

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