Book Review – I Choose: Subtlety in Cults

iWhen I heard about the new book by Isabelle Renaud, “I Choose: Subtlety in Cults“, I bought one on Kindle for my phone. This is a great read if you want to see a honest and sincere view of what it is like as a member of University Bible Fellowship. Isabelle was a member of a Canadian chapter of UBF around 1999 to 2002, spending about 3 years there.  I was surprised that the author even shared her testimonies (the personal applications to Bible passages) that you are pressured to write as a UBF member. These were hard for me to read because it brought back so many awful memories of losing sleep, giving up family time with our children, and boring Friday nights that were demanded of us so that we could keep good standing in the University Bible Fellowship ministry. Like Isabelle, I remember spending 5 or 6 hours hearing testimonies late into the night.

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God is Love

theyeartheworldendedOur newest book is coming out in a month, entitled “The Year the World Ended.” It is a love story and a story of my life in UBF for 29 years as a Bible student, Shepherd, and Director of UBF near the Northern Kentucky University Campus. It a story of how God led me out of a cage into the glorious freedom of love and grace in Christ. This book is not to bash UBF but to share the true story of how I came to find love and Christ in a deeper way near the Ohio river. If anyone would like a copy, please contact me at kentuckybigbear49 @ The book is being put together now by our publisher.
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A Letter to Cincinnati UBF

[Admin Note: This article has been edited to remove some personal details, 5/25/2013]

Dear Cincinnati UBF and all in UBF:

It has been over a year and slowly God has revealed to me the truth about UBF and it’s practices. UBF is abusive to families and to children and to many students in the name of raising disciples and living under the dome of truth. I could write a fifth book about all the abuses that I have personally suffered under you as God’s servant and the bad theology and the anti-family mentality in the framework of UBF. It is hard to see this truth while living under the leadership of UBF but I saw it in Cincinnati and was afraid to speak out because of the control and because I was taught to never forget God’s grace which was more of a control mechanism than a love for God.

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Don’t Forget God’s Grace

dWith the upcoming Summer Bible Conference fast approaching, the labor of many chapters is to bring home the message, “So Loved”. The theme is to serve the world with God’s love (John 13:34, 20:21). The vision is two parts: refresh and renew world mission coworkers with God’s love and vision and to inspire North Americans with God’s love to be shepherds and missionaries. Somewhere near the end of the Summer Bible Conference there will be a missionary pledge. Despite all these catch phrases and the amazing themes, the message of all Summer Bible Conferences and life in UBF can be summed up like this, “Don’t forget God’s grace”. Here are my thoughts on the ISBC theme.

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