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Ooopps I forgot to tell you…

A new feature has been added to

The “All Articles” link has been improved. ¬†Originally the default was set for viewers to see all the articles alphabetized. But now the default is set by published date from newest to oldest.

The option icon on that same page gives you 4 options:

  • menu order
  • alphabetically
  • post date
  • author

Menu order is basically the default option.

Social Issues and site updates

Hello Everyone. You may have heard about the mass deportations and abuses by ICE. So here is a way to defend yourself or anyone whom you know that is AB540/Undocumented.

If ICE shows up at your door:

IF ICE confronts you on the streets, workplace, or anywhere else outside your home:

Regarding since I am finished with the semester there will be more article uploads (at least every other day). For those who have also completed Finals congrats and those whom graduated congrats to you too