My Son

As an admin for UBFriends, I’ve been working with Mary J. on some technical issues this past week. We’ve also had some intense discussions.

For this holiday weekend (well at least in America it’s a holiday!), I’d like to publish a heartfelt story that my grandmother sent to me today.

It is in slideshow form and was translated from French into English: Mon_fils_English

Here is a free viewer if you have trouble viewing the file: Free MS PowerPoint viewer.


  1. GerardoR

    Cute story. But I am usually troubled by chain letters similar to this one. Many of them will present an inspiring bible centered message and conclude with, “if you send this to 100 people by midnight, you will get your wish granted.”
    That part usually disturbs me because it tries to spread a beautiful Christian message through superstition. I was glad to see this particular message did not have that.

    thanks for sharing Brian.

    • Normally I don’t share this kind of thing, and I too am greatly disturbed by the superstitious “send this to your friends” emails.

      I wanted to think about heaven for a while and take a break from the instense thinking/blogging. Maybe we need more of a break!