One year!

One year ago, ubfriends began with an article entitled, What is good communication?. I thank God who has led many of us to better communication with each other and with the Holy Spirit. I believe our Lord wants us to become new wineskins and form a holy vessel. In honor of this milestone, I am publishing a poem submitted by Joshua Brinkerhoff.

“The Lord Will Save”

Not by strength or aptitude
Nor by fervent attitude
But by the measure of His grace
Revealed in an irregular place.

A dying man on a tree
Crowned and cursed on Calvary
Spoke these words to my face:
“I am here in your place.”

“I’m dying here in agony
To carry your infirmity.
To break the cords which hold you in
Despondent bondage to your sin.”

And with that he breathed his last,
But yet I heard one last gasp
“Think not your condition grave.
It is finished; the Lord will save.”


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! The poem is beautiful and very moving.

  2. It sounds like a classic hymn :)

  3. Thank God for this experiment in sincere communication. I thank God for what He has done over the last year and testify that this website has been a great encouragement to me. May the Lord continue to open the hearts of His people to one another and to the greater depths of experience of His grace and the power of His cross and risen life through UBFriends and through other means, that we members of His body may realize His love.