Perhaps because it is so hot here in the midwest, or perhaps because these words struck a cord with me today, I decided to publish a poem submitted by Brian Annear. I think we authors on ubfriends and our readers too, need to stop. Stop and take a moment to reflect on God and His creation. A snowflake seems so helpless. Yet entire cities bow to the power of snow!


The snow makes us watch,
with coffee,
the majesty of marching seraphim,
parading on the wind,
establishing jurisdiction,
enchanting children,
confounding municipalities,
until a sovereign sun
calls an end,
and all dominion
melts away


  1. Good old Brian Annear…I like the play on seraphim (burning ones). And just as the seraphim declare the Holiness and Majestic Glory of God, so also do his works of creation…like snow!

  2. John Martin jr.

    I say “amen” my brother in Christ and my brother in law. There are two things for me that never fail to make me wonder at God’s creation and remind me of his majesty. One is when I am swimming in the vast seeming less never ending ocean and two is a snow storm. Snow storms make me feel like a child again and can make everything even in a great city like Chicago just STOP! “Be still and know that I am God.”

    • Darren Gruett

      I echo those sentiments too. No matter how much man has achieved, he ultimately has to bow to his Creator.

  3. The thermometer outside says 104. Reminds me of Australia.

    • I thought only Delhi is so hot because of 111. A fb friend commented today: “Delhi’s heat. Its like someone is carrying a huge hair dryer and following me in every step.”

      @Brian: Cool poem! Thanks for posting.

  4. I wish I knew how to appreciate poetry. The poem does read and come across melodiously and sweetly. But somehow I don’t seem wired to respond poignantly the way I think I should with any poetry that I read.

    Any suggestions to cure me of my unpoetic soul?

    • Ben, I would think spending several months in the Philippines would do the trick! Or come to Detroit and walk around the war zone downtown.

  5. Abraham Lincoln

    I love poetry and I wish more poetry would be published in the future on this web blog. Fifteen years ago, I took a creative writing class at Loyola University in Chicago. While in the poetry section, the professor told us that anybody can write poetry; be creative and use your wild imagination. By applying this technique, I wrote a couple of poems afterward. By applying this technique, even “unpoetic” Dr. Ben can write his own poem.

    • After 30 years of an insanely happy marriage, my wife is still waiting for my “Message in a Bottle” (named after that romantic movie with Kevin Kostner). Every time I even think of writing one, I still break out into a cold sweat! Lord, have mercy!

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