UBFriends Admin Notice

The admin team here at UBFriends wants to thank everyone who has contributed articles, made comments or read along silently! We are hopeful that this website can continue to encourage dialogue and edification across human boundaries (even though it is sometimes painful and ugly :)  We will be performing some behind-the-scenes maintenance over the next two weeks. So there will be some downtime, and sometime this weekend I will freeze the articles/comments so that the maintenance can be performed smoothly.

I think we might all agree that some downtime is needed anyway. I especially need to follow Bonhoeffer’s advice and learn to be silent more often :)


  1. Since you’re doing maintenance, please make sure that in the future comments will be fully authorized. I mean, if a user wants to post under the email and/or name of a registered person, he should be that person and should log in first (that can be done with Facebook logins, too, to safe registration and login time).
    In current system one can comment in another one’s name. I hope this will never happen, but I think this could still be improved.

    • Good suggestion, Timothy. I have not see this happen yet, but it likely is a good time to turn that authentication flag on. Right now, all new commenters must be approved by an admin. I think that has helped up to now. I also check IP addresses from time to time to verify country of the commenters.

  2. Yes, just turn on “Users must log in to put comments”.
    And users can register with Loginza service (Russian made) which does allow registration with Facebook and Google and any OpenID account.
    Loginza is better than Disqus in this sense: the comments are still created in your WordPress database.
    Please contact me if you need help with Loginza installation. I will also check if it does provide an English UI. Now that Yandex is a public company, I hope it does :-)

  3. The technical work has been completed. The entire website had to be rebuilt, so you may notice a few changes. If you have ideas or requests, feel free to use the Contact Us form.

    For those who comment here, you will need to click the Log In link and reset your password.

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