ISBC UBFriends Stats

iupI found the following statistics to be kind of exciting.

For August 1st to August 3rd, the most number of visits from a city to is from Indiana, PA which is the location of the ISBC. (Hello everyone!)

Rank Network Visits Pages per Visit Avg. Minutes
1 indiana university of pennsylvania 55 3.53 9:21
2 comcast cable communications inc. 46 3.35 8:24
3 service provider corporation 31 2.13 5:03
4 rcn corporation 26 3.19 9:15
5 at&t internet services 23 1.74 0:56

For August 1st to August 3rd, South Korea has the most visits from a country (apart from USA which is always number 1 on the stats).

Country / Territory
Visits % Visits
1 United States 416 67%
2 South Korea 26 4%
3 Ukraine 26 4%
4 Russia 20 3%
5 (not set) 17 3%


  1. Cute! My explanation is that Mark and Sibboleth commented from the ISBC. Also, I linked my ISBC comments on facebook, which may also have generated some visits. Is that adequate to somewhat explain for the increase in visits from IUP?

    • Mark Mederich

      i visit to express myself/feel better/hopefully help someone somehow see the good/avoid the bad in religion in general; i suppose more visitors are curious or seeking ideas:) or monitoring ideas:(

  2. Hi Ben, no that does not explain the increase in site traffic from the IUP campus, unless Mark and Sibboleth were running around to over a dozen computers!

    When I look at the stats now, for August 1 to August 4, Chicago overtook the number 1 spot. However, IUP was number 2, with 82 total visits, at least 18 different computers and an average of 3.7 articles read per visit, spending just over 9 minutes per session.

    [Rank] [Browser Version] [Network Domain] [Visits] [Pages / Visit]
    1 [4] [17] 2.53
    2 [28.0.1500.95] [14] 2.71
    3 [12.1] [9] 7.22
    4 [22] [8] 3
    5 [6] [8] 4.12
    6 [28.0.1500.71] [6] 6.17
    7 [28.0.1500.94] [4] 4
    8 [5.1.6] [3] 5.33
    9 [27.0.1453.111] [2] 1
    10 [28.0.1500.72] [2] 1.5
    11 [5.1] [2] 4.5
    12 [15.0.1] [1] 4
    13 [21.0.1180.89] [1] 1
    14 [21.0.1180.90] [1] 1
    15 [28.0.1500.16] [1] 4
    16 [28.0.1500.63] [1] 3
    17 [3.1] [1] 1
    18 [9] [1] 3

  3. What about those who access the website through their own wireless internet on their mobile devices?

    • I’m not able to tell that specific, Ben. Those seem to show up as “unknown”, so they wouldn’t be counted in the numbers above.

  4. Hi, I am new to ISBC this was my first year at the conference.
    I found the guest speaker to be really inspiring.
    I also attended the Social Justice Interest Group in its first year at ISBC.

    I know UBF always has focused on College ministry and discipleship. Most of the time I think people in UBF think other minstries should have social justice programs but not UBF. UBF is seems like focuses on the elite of the world more than the poor, fatherless and widows.

    I bleive that many promient people in UBF think that Social justice programs in the church take away from one to one Bible study and discpleship.

    Is it possible to have a balance of discipleship and social justice iniatives within UBF?

    Act 6:1-4 Tells us that Social justice is needed to combat racism, and poverty.

    “In those days when the number of disciples was increasing, the Hellenistic Jews[a] among them complained against the Hebraic Jews because their widows were being overlooked in the daily distribution of food. 2 So the Twelve gathered all the disciples together.”

    I found it to be priveledge to be thier at the conference in Penn. a I overcome some my skepticzim and I want to remove the planks in my own eyes before I really am appeal to leadship about Social justice programs in a real way not just in a blog. I don’t know that much about UBF but I know their is movement in college students to raise up a cause of justice for the glory of the name of Jesus. UBF needs more programs to reach to people with disablities, povetry, orpahans and refugees of different cultures.

    I do priase God for what he doing in my life in Chicago not just within UBF but in my quietimes :)

    • Hi Dave, welcome to ubfriends. I believe social justice is not only something Jesus cared about, but is an integral part of following Jesus. I began participating in such programs by volunteering to help clean up Detroit.

      I hope you keep your skepticism, you’re going to need it. And I hope your social justice appeal to ubf leaders goes well.

    • sheepherd1

      Hello Dave,

      “UBF needs more programs to reach to people with disablities, povetry, orpahans and refugees of different cultures. – See more at:

      I agree UBF need programs to reach those who are least of these. In our church, we believe that all people matters to God. So we have different ministries that help out the community, like the people with disabilities, poor, single parents, etc. I know that UBF is student based ministry that focus on students. In my experience, I raised a question to a shepherd in Chicago UBF about the poor people in the community. “Should we help those poor people in the community?” The answer I got was, “Just study bible 1:1.” That’s why sometimes I think if UBF is a church or not? or is it just a student organization that raises disciple, just like Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru)? I’m sure there is an article written about it here on ubfriends.

      Also I agree that there should be balance. All people matters to God :). God bless you and praise God for his wonderful work.