My Offer

oAfter attending the Global Leadership Summit last week, I was inspired to offer something to ubf directors. Perhaps we could forge a new relationship because of the gospel. Perhaps we could open new doors of communication. Perhaps we could forgive each other and find the unity Jesus prayed for us to have.

So far, since 2011, I have privately and publicly shared my secretmy reasonsmy confessionmy mandatemy challenge and my demands.

Here is my offer.

Soon I will recieve the video series of the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit. This summit has proved to be a treasure trove of Christian leadership material. For a ubf chapter who will pay for my travel expenses to visit, I am offering:

1. To share one of the 2013 GLA series videos with your chapter.

2. Host an open question and answer session before and/or after watching the video.

I believe we could build new bridges. I believe Jesus is not done with ubf. I believe ubf could play an important role in healing the fractured landscape of Christendom.

What do you believe?


  1. I share your belief Brian and pray that UBF may do its part in healing that which it has fractured. Jesus is our healer, but it is amazing how much healing simple acknowledgment and confession brings. I thank God for your offer. I believe God is not done with UBF yet.

  2. I think that West Loop UBF would thoroughly enjoy all the lectures, perhaps the one by Stanley. Let me present this to our elders to see what they think. As long as it’s OK with you, please stay with me if this works out.

    I wish other local Chicago UBF chapters would also join. I would sent out an invite. But I am not sure about the response. A major reason is simply the practical limitation that most UBF parents work full time and support their families, which would then require a sacrifice to attend “another meeting.”

    • Ben, I’m hoping the videos arrive before October 28th. Sunday 10/27, and staying with you, would be ideal. I hope to visit WL then already.

  3. Here is the highlight video from the 2013 GLS. The videos don’t ship until October 15th and there was a huge demand apparently because they are back-ordered already. But I got a Patrick Lencioni video for free download when I placed the order (not what he gave at the GLS but quite good).

  4. This highlight video is great! As I listened to the one sentence statement of each speaker, I thought that each statement itself could be a UBFriends article! Do you have software to transcribe this video highlight?

  5. Every one of these talks/sermons is a great resource. For example, anyone in leadership should find out if they are an intentional/accidental diminisher or an intentional/accidental multiplier type leader:

    login to take the Multiplier quiz

  6. Wow, that highlight clip was so refreshing.
    Those speakers know how to speak.
    This is a very generous offer, Brian.
    I hope you can come to Ukraine!
    I wonder if they have Russian translations…
    We’ll have to start saving money now;).

    I wish I could have taken part in that, but
    I’m glad that you did and are willing to share those the videos.
    Thank God that with the technology today we can virtually “attend” summits/conferences that we might not have the money or time to go to.

    • Hi MJ. Yes the GLS was exhilirating! They are now working on the global presentations. I am not entirely sure where you are at, but the Global Leadership Summitt will be held later this year, GLS in Ukraine. So the GLS is still going on and will permeate many countries in their native languages.

  7. The videos of the Willow Creek GLS 2013 have arrived! I could watch these over and over.

  8. Believe it or not, my offer still stands for 2015. A couple people did actually connect with me via Skype in 2014 (no directors yet though!). I would love to do much more, such as help transform your ubf chapter and connect ubf people with helpful external resources.

    If any ubf chapter finds they have stopped growing or find themselves in an impossible situation or has interest in changing the status quo, I will assist in doing that.

    Invite me to your church and your church will change :)

  9. Anyone interested in video blogging?

    Here is my introduction:

    Cohort introduction