Book Review: The Year the World Ended

theyeartheworldendedI have never been too fond of book reviews; they tend to be written by people you have never met, and they frequently come accompanied with the author’s agenda that they fail to reveal up front. With this in mind I want to introduce myself and the reason I bought this book.

My name is Michael Lanier. I am a 23 year old math teacher in inner city St. Louis. I graduated from SIUE last may. I was introduced to UBF through my brother’s doctor John Lee. I was born and raised in Springfield, adopted out of a broken home with my brother when I was 10. My father had passed away when I was 4. My brother would frequently get into street fights and break his hand. The second (third?) time this happened his doctor John Lee invited him to church. I have never been to a bible conference. I have never presided. I have never delivered a Sunday message. I have never married by faith. In fact I purchased this book to know more about married life in UBF. The marriage question has been at the forefront of discussions with nearly everyone I know about UBF. Yes, UBF marriages tend to last, but are they fulfilling? The answer seemed unattainable from missionaries and leaders. This is who I am. This is why I bought his book.

As for the book- it is the story of the consequences of putting ministry over family. This was of genuine importance to me. Mr. Martin states “Family must come first over ministry.” (his emphasis, not mine). 1 Timothy chapter 3 agrees “If anyone wants to provide leadership in the church, good! But there are preconditions: A leader must be well-thought-of, committed to his wife…He must handle his own affairs well, attentive to his own children and having their respect” 1 Tim 3:1-4 Later in the book he mentions a pastor who actually stepped down from a larger church because he saw that the eventuality would be the destruction of his marriage. The consequence of this are family problems and eventually divorce.

Another major point Mr. Martin makes repeatedly is that his divorce was for the better. I agree, but I got the keen impression that he was really really trying to convince people of this. Perhaps it is that divorce is so common in my generation that I hardly blinked at the notion. Paul gives abandonment as a valid reason for divorce (1 Corinthians 7:15), and Mr. Martin mentions at least a half dozen attempts he tried to reconcile. His (now ex) wife refused.

The second half of the book recounts the events after his divorce– his reconciliation with his children, and God leading him to an amazing woman named Cora. They met through Genesis study thousands of miles apart! The book concluded with his return to UBF and his complete and utter rejection. The book comes full circle at this point.

One last point I ought to make is this. Mr. Martin makes his intentions clear up front. He does not mean his book to be an attack on UBF. He does this by changing names. The only name he mentions is Sarah Barry. He speaks well of her at this point. My last remark is one I feel he would agree with; that his story cannot be generalized to everyone. The answer to my question on marriage that I gained from this book was such: if God has granted you a beautiful family, perhaps you are called to be a “shepherd” to them first. Perhaps you are not called to be a bible teacher to others before your own family. Paul says in first Corinthians chapter 12 that we are not all called to be teachers. Perhaps this is what he meant by that.

As a personal note to conclude, I have always wanted to write something for this website. I love writing! Recently I was accused of “cult like thinking”. I decided I would rather not write after that. The reason I wrote this is because Mr. Martin himself asked me. I believe that God called me to read this; I am unsure what he thinks of my writing. I know I have not done it proper justice. The story of Cora is too beautiful for me to adequately describe. I am a mathematician at heart– not a poet. It was truly God’s work.

My hope is that his story will move you as it moved me, it will teach you as it taught me, it will reveal to you that nothing can be resurrected unless it first dies. When our world ends, then and only then do we see as Christ saw, feel as Christ felt, die as Christ died on Calvary all those years ago.

“Wake up, O sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.”



  1. Thanks for sharing this, Michael. I apologize for the cult-like thinking comment. That was wrong of me. Your thinking contains academic abilities that I don’t possess.

    “The marriage question has been at the forefront of discussions with nearly everyone I know about UBF. Yes, UBF marriages tend to last, but are they fulfilling? The answer seemed unattainable from missionaries and leaders. This is who I am. This is why I bought his book.”

    Yes marriage by faith has been both the #1 mystery and question the entire 50+ years of ubf and the #1 holy grail, most sought after “prize” of ubf shepherds and missionaries. Sure MbF worked out in numerous cases (as Ben will surely point out yet again soon :). But what about when it didn’t work out? There are many cases in which MbF has not worked out. And even when it does, your question Michael is valid “Are the marriages fulfilling?”

    I hope many more buy and read Andrew’s book. His story expresses the pathos of most former ubf members. I’ve tended to focus on the logos and ethos approaches to my journey of recovery, so Andrew’s book was inviting to me to simply listen to the emotional approach.

  2. Thanks for this review, Michael. Please don’t take statements made on Internet forums as personal attacks, just as a comment to a statement you made, and limited to that statement. I see that many people here are too easily offended. My explanation for this is that the people who were fished by UBF (including myself) are very insecure and lacking self-confidence in nature. That’s also the reason why we can easily be manipulated and why we have difficulties to have HOT discussions. But we’re learning and growing.

  3. Thanks for the review. My wife and I thought it hit many of the key points of the book. We feel blessed to share our love story and hope many in UBF read it as well. Your time to read it has made our labor of love to write it with Brian worth it. Near the Ohio river in 2012 I was broken but God was there and inspired me to write. Brian helped me to finish. Today our publisher said our lives areva miracle and he enjoyed reading it as well. Thanks for this site that encouraged me as well.

  4. forestsfailyou

    I had several on campus groups at SIUE attempt to “fish” me. I usually asked some questions, and found the people fishing to be quite off. I did happen to walk by an on campus meeting for baptist student ministry. I attended that meeting, I attended their group bible study for a year, then I attended CRU’s bible study for a year. I attended a few of their group worship services, but found them distasteful because it was a bunch of college students trying to find boyfriends/ girlfriends. Interestingly more than a few couples that met there were married before graduation. I would not say I am insecure or lacking self confidence. I feel that my problem is rather that I am too proud, I have too much confidence in myself and my abilities.

  5. forestsfailyou

    Interestingly one of the services I attended at CRU concerned the topic of exponential growth of disciples. Sounded straight out of a UBF powerpoint. The speaker said that if one person made 2 disciples a year we could make make 2 to the n disciples in n years (she used an actual n, I forget what it was). Her teacher had been a missionary, and she was now a speaker to CRU groups around the country.

    • You mean like the 2010 ubf teaching slides? Check out slide 25.

      This “teaching material” is atrocious… check out my review of the rare ubf teaching slides. It is really really uncommon to find such documented teaching from ubf available publicly.

      My job as a ubf critic is easy, just point people to their own material.

    • And we already discussed the myth of multiplication here on ubfriends.

      Christians who think that pyramid style multiplication was what Jesus meant are sadly mistaken and woefully confused about Jesus’ teachings. Such a scheme will never work and in fact is illegal in many places when applied to a money-making scheme.

    • Joe Schafer

      It’s amazing how many topics we’ve discussed on UBFriends. If anyone in UBF is asked to give a presentation or workshop on something, they would do well to come here and look at our articles and use this material, because chances are we’ve already discussed it. But don’t say that you learned it from us. Teach this stuff without reservation, and then say you learned from the legacy of Dr. Lee.

      Those slides from Germany are a great example of how ubf works. On many occasions, I’ve shown that kind of stuff to leaders and presented my objections. Again and again, they have acted in a sympathetic manner, saying that they don’t agree with it either. And they shrug their shoulders and say that they have no power or ability to do anything about it. Privately, they have all disavowed some of these teachings and, and the same time, have washed their hands of responsibility. This is why I have said that all of ubf’s leaders have disavowed ubf.

    • Joe, you are more eloquent than me :)

      I just say “ubf is a facade”.

  6. Sorry, I have been on hiatus for a long time and have difficulty committing time to contributing here. Also, I lack much needed time to express univeral Christian ideals to help encourage less “UBF” talk and more Christian living (theological) discussions. I was sent the link for this article so I will share some thoughts.

    About the book and author: I presently have not read it, but have expressed intention to purchase the book at a later time. Thankfully, bigbear has numerously hinted at insights into his personal life so that I may anticipate the comprehensive story.

    @forestsfailyou: The book review is quite a nice summary to stimulate interest. But, it was a small (understandable) failing to highlight the earlier dialogue between you and BK. You need to be clear first to yourself and to God what your intentions are. If things are unclear to you than communication results as it did. I know from personal dialogues you are still “in” UBF and not “out”. Although, I never sway one way or another, remember spiritual discernment. Nothing in ministry happens for no reason, and marriage has been a snare to many people. In life marriage is not to be taken lightly, more so in a ministry like UBF.

    On the premise of marriage for this article I will say that some UBF chapters are open and changing etc…but for the most part both explicit/implicit functions exist to direct everyone in the right attitude and behaviour as expected by long standing elders. When you are single you are well trained to communicate first with senior shepherds and brothers and sisters apart or as supervised. Theology and practice guides us into the only function of our Christian duty – that is to be role-model Bible teachers and shepherds.

    Once married, how can the role-model Bible teacher maintain the standards expected? They can’t…at least not without a cost to married life or their public reputation among the community. If you make mission (the ideal) your priority, you fail your family life. If you take important time for family than you become “family-centered” and reject the best position Jesus has called you to. It is an exhausting reality that married shepherds find themselves in.

    But, we already knew all of this when we were single. Did you have a brother or sister whose wedding was in your home town? Many will insist that you mustn’t attend. How about a weekend visit to your family? Those with strong faith will abandon the chance to see their parents and siblings for the sake of serving God on God’s terms by keeping the UBF worship services. It should not become a surprise when we do not look to our spouse or children, but to our Bible teachers or sheep in the list of top priorities.

    Most directors and elders will stand their ground and hold to convictions that you are either strong in faith or family-centered. However, there are some who will ignite and demand, “I never asked you to neglect family! You perceived everything in this way and you were in control of all personal decisions. You could have tended to your family needs.” Yes, we all could tend to the needs of the family – but is it always worth the cost of public rebuke and shame?

    All this to say that bigbear is indeed correct when he emphasizes that family must come first over ministry. To hell with being judged by the community for being family-centered. I would rather be madly in love with my wife and children than to be indebted to the community of hate-mongers. If a marriage in UBF is in fact fulfilling it is most likely because you are not applying all of the lifestyle of ministry into your married life. A fulfilling marriage comes from making the effort with your spouse and children, without neglect.

    For the record to any hardliner who reads my words – yes, I am still in ministry. But, do not expect me to bend on matters of spouse and children. God has been with my wife, children and I through many struggles and difficulties while only a handful of scattered co-workers have come to greet us in person and email to pray for us. My wife’s home chapter has been amazing – God’s blessing to us. However, I had until recently felt very isolated and alone from all of my long standing relationships in ministry back home. So, after experiencing difficulties many times without the obvious support from the community than I naturally leave all matters between God, me, my wife and children. Family comes before ministry – always.

    Sorry to everyone if I am longwinded, but it has been so long to speak up. I cannot commit to daily interaction at the moment. I love you, God bless you all!

    • forestsfailyou

      Do I know you? You mentioned “personal conversations”. I am not sure who you really are.

      As for leaving, I go home about once every two months and miss sws for that. It hasn’t been an issue. I plan on going to a wedding of a friend in June. Also has not been an issue.

    • Yes, you know me. :) (msg already sent/read)

      For some chapters nowadays it is no longer a big issue, but many older members can testify that missing a Sunday at UBF was a sign of misplaced priorities and questionable faith. It gets so confusing because the origins of a Sunday in UBF permitted members to attend family churches (They would often be held in the middle of the afternoon, 3:00 or 3:30, something like that, after people had already attended their own church.) After some time they decided on a common time for worship service which became problematic. Depending on the chapter your priority and attendance was yet another measurement of your faith, that is commitment to UBF and not to Jesus.

      It is important for all younger members reading here that indeed many changes have been made. However, most of the contributors here have been deeply affected by practice and values that were in effect prior to any mass change among ministry directors. We are now 2014, but many of us joined anywhere between 1980s – early 2000. In addition to leadership changes it is important to note the generation as well. That being said, the bottom line remains the legacy. As long as there is a decline in global membership in UBF you are going to hear about the heritage and “Go Back to the Bible!!” It is a last cry to stimulate the same revival that has become nostalgia (or the good ol’days) for so many.

    • Oh, I just want to highlight something from my original comment: “So, after experiencing difficulties many times without the obvious support from the community…”

      By obvious support I’m talking about prayer. If anyone has gone through hardship and difficulties they know that prayer topics are passed around and everyone prays. (or do they?)

      It is fundamental that in addition to prayer a person receive direct personal contact. I believe most people are aware that to help the development and growth of a baby you need to take care of it. You need to feed it, change it, talk to it and hold it. You can massage the arms and legs etc….these are things as parents we take for granted.

      The same rule applies to anyone of us when we are left broken. Telling me you will pray for me from a list that will find its way into the trash pile is not comforting. Have some compassion and engage with anyone who needs your support – right here and now. It seems so easy when we talk about the new Bible student. Love bombing of potential new recruits is a favorite hobby for many. But being there for your immediate peer does not seem to be natural any longer.

      I would agree that the most important relationship is between the believer and Jesus. But, we are a community – are we not? Therefore, when another shepherd or missionary needs you do not judge their faith. Have compassion on them as Jesus would and engage them as people – not the prayer topic list.

      Sorry, to be lecturing, but I recently had fellowship with several families from back home. They all did exactly what I am talking about. In fact two families made priority to visit me and my wife during the past couple of years.

    • “It hasn’t been an issue.”

      Well, I can testify it has been an issue as long as Samuel Lee was ruling the UBF, and I believe it continues to be an issue in many UBF chapters. In my time it was all about showing “absolute obedience”, and missing even one SWS (or any other of the weekly meetings) was intepreted as a sign of not obeying absolutely and being unspiritual. The last time I missed a meeting, that was reason enough for my chapter leader to intervene and cancel my marriage.

      It’s good to hear that things somewhat changed now 10 years after the death of Samuel Lee at least in your chapter, but as long as there is no official condemnation of the abuse and teachings of the past, and as long as the “heritage of Samuel Lee” is still officially help up as the ideal, the problem is far from being solved.

    • “I plan on going to a wedding of a friend in June. Also has not been an issue.”

      Forests, glad to hear you are not experiencing what most of us here experienced. Are you a fellowship leader? Did you already marry by faith? Are you a conference or Sunday level messenger?

      Until those things happen, you might not experience much abuse in ubf.

      After going through marriage by faith, and then immediately becoming a fellowship leader, and going through conference messenger training and Sunday messenger training THEN the spiritual abuse happens, and it kicks into high gear if and when you then display any hint of questioning the ubf authority or showing disloyalty or disobedience of some kind.

      After I got arranged married (mbf) and then was a fellowship leader, guess what happened when I went to my brother’s wedding? I was accused of doing Satan’s work when I got back, even though I returned on Sunday. In a private meeting with only fellowship leaders, I was told to “confess” I had done Satan’s work by going to the wedding with my wife. I did not “confess” but did imply that it was wrong of me to do this. How stupid I was!

      And don’t get me started on ubf “messenger training”….

    • “It’s good to hear that things somewhat changed now 10 years after the death of Samuel Lee at least in your chapter, ”

      But NOTHING has changed even in forests chapter which is St. Louis at the moment. Forests is still experiencing the love-bombing because he has not made a full lifelong commitment to ubf and has not gone through mbf.

      We all know that after mbf is when the spiritual abuse often kicks into high gear. That is when the neglect of family occurs, where people leave their 3 month olds at a stranger’s house for babysitting during Sunday service when their regular babysitter cancels. That is when husband and wife fight on the way to conferences and then don’t talk to each other for a week. That is when you cry inside for months on end every Sunday because you feel the pressure to not even talk to your wife during Sunday service much less sit next to her, and you know you will NEVER sit with your family with your children in church.

      That is when you and your wife are two ships passing in the night. That is when you leave your wife in a family crisis to go to a leader’s meeting. That is when you sit by in silent confusion as over 20 families who are your closest friends suffer the trauma of the painful ubf exit process, when you want to do something but are so helpless and bound by your own mind you don’t know what to do except sit in a pit of despair.

    • And yes, you can read all about this and more in my book when it’s published.

    • What UBF really does with people is writing the story of the purpose of their lives. They want people to believe that their salvation happened through the efforts of UBF and that their sole meaning in life is now to pay back to their shepherds and to be a UBF shepherd and make more disciples of UBF in order to increase the glory of UBF and the shepherds on top of the discipling pyramid. The exact point where the abuse kicks in is when the disciple has fully bought this new story about the eternal meaning and purpose of his life, and confirmed and committed it in a public testimony on a conference. You know, these testimonies with the two parts, 1) my former, sinful and meaningless life, and part 2) my new meaningful life as a UBF shepherd. After this reinterpretation and fixation, the abuse can start. Because now that you have salvation, absolute and eternal meaning, and a loving community of brothers and sisters, all that can be taken away from you. Your shepherd says you need to absolutely attend the SWS in order to prove that your commitment was real and to ensure you are really rescued. They now can play with your soul as they like, sending you through a rollercoaster of emotions and giving you all kinds of obedience training for you to show that you really are absolutely committed and your salvation is real.

      All this spiritual abuse can start already long before MbF. But you’re right that the interference of UBF into the marriage, the marriage life and family after MbF is a particular problem in itself. Just want to clarify that the abuse can be just as horrible even before MbF since most of it is *spiritual* abuse. It’s not interference into your marriage life, but interference into your relationship with God. And that can be just as horrible and even worse. The worst spiritual abuse also happens when you’re weak and vulnerable and insecure. That’s often before marriage. After marriage, you’re usually more stable and the spiritual component of the abuse cannot affect your so much. However, it can still destroy your marriage and family. I have seen this often enough.

    • Well said, Chris, and indeed this all gets complicated as the spiritual abuse appears in numerous forms, pre-mbf, during mbf and post-mbf.

    • Mark Mederich

      religious secret: increased numbers only help when the pie is being made;
      falling away while baking, is a blessing to those left when it comes time to eat (less get more..); the cycle continues-when it is time to make a new pie by new helpers (like new workers for pharaoh’s next pyramid..)

      augh, forget the symbolism-the point is: once money is accumulated it is beneficial to have less people hierarchically entitled to it:)

      money ruins, blessing refreshes

  7. Hi gc, and welcome back!

    This comment of yours stood out to me:

    “If a marriage in UBF is in fact fulfilling it is most likely because you are not applying all of the lifestyle of ministry into your married life. A fulfilling marriage comes from making the effort with your spouse and children, without neglect.”

    I can say that my own arranged marriage in ubf is now beginning to be fulfilling– and we celebrate our 20th anniversary this year. We are considering a marriage vows renewal at our new church. We will throw out our rings and get new ones.

    From our wedding in 1994 until about 2003 (first 9 or 10 years) our marriage was not fulfilling in the husband/wife/mother/father sense. We didn’t sit together at worship service. We barely saw each other due to so many ubf meetings. We complied with the unseen pressure to be “co-workers” and “mission centered”. Our house was constantly intruded upon by “serving guests”. Our budget was continually beat up by “Friday serving” and “offering”.

    In 2003 or so, when we “pioneered” Detroit, we suddenly had to face each other. The first thing we did was to try to be “all in” for ubf– doing everything “by faith” to form a “house church” that 1st year. Then we just looked at each other and stopped– stopped everything except having a 1 hour Sunday service and keeping face at conferences. I had to spin tall tales of glory to hide the hell we then faced for about 3 years (I won’t go into deals here, but 2007 to 2010 was 3 years of hell in Detroit).

    But since we both decided to leave ubf behind in 2011, the past 3 years have been utterly amazing! We are much more at peace and we are getting to know each other and our kids. We turned our “worship service room” into a family room, complete with 2 gaming systems, pictures of us at Disney land on the wall and a huge flatscreen TV where the podium was. And we have zero guilt! We are so happy now!

    My wife and I are going on dates, struggling through the messy process of learning to love each other, and finding ways to overcome all the obstacles that have grown up between us over the past 20 years.

    So while I don’t tell anyone to leave ubf or stay in ubf, I loudly say DO NOT GET MARRIED BY FAITH. Run far away from any such notion and don’t look back. Even if it means getting kicked out of ubf, just don’t do MbF.

  8. big bear

    GC….you touched much on the point why I was moved to write book…a healthy ministry loves families and allows for marriages and children to grow in love…UBF needs to focused on children and families….God loves them and in the end this is how you can raise true disciples in God love..I hope all in UBF read our book and healing may come…

  9. big bear

    Just send me 15.95 and we will pay for postage to order book at 412 Lehmer street, covington, ky 41011…make check out to Michael A. Martin…..

  10. Just tagging a quote from someone who experienced nearly the same paradigm shift that many of us here have:

    Why we left CCCM

  11. big bear

    Today our Pastor told us how he has enjoyed reading our book and a close friend….was surprised that this book even has a message beyond UBF….I am discovering that God has a deeper purpose than I have imagined…thanking God for His will in our writing….

  12. big bear

    The books are being printed today and be ready for shipment to those who bought copies on Thursday…for lent my goal is to help many find rest by reading our book prayerfully and to pray for real healing in UBF worldwide…beginning with families…I thank all those who have made this possible especially to Brian and all the many people on this site who have taught me much through reading your writings….may God rest come to us all and healing…may this Easter be a start of something new in all of us through the love of Christ,,,,

  13. big bear

    Books will be sent out today…march 5..,,thanks to all who prayed for vour family…for lent we pray to get this book in the hands as many as possible with prayer to God that the abuse will stop and healing will come and new life

  14. Mark Mederich

    the nite i saw book came, i started reading/couldn’t stop

    it brought back memories of religious directives:
    ‘depend on God’ (like ‘don’t ask our help’)
    ‘just do it by faith’ (like ‘trust our idea not your own’)

  15. Today is free Kindle Sunday for “Rest Unleashed: The Raven Narratives“!

  16. big bear

    Thanks Brian…thanks for your labor to write books…praying our books are read prayerfully by those in UBF…

    • So far I’ve sold or given away 40 books/Kindle versions. Now my second book is nearing completion after my restructuring of it.

  17. Brian, I read narrative 1 of your book. I love that you took Esau’s perspective, instead of the customary Jacob’s perspective.

    I fully resonate with you and James Danaher about the utmost importance of forgiveness as God’s primary expression of unconditional love, endless grace and limitless mercy to us.

    It came to me as I was reading Danaher that we Christians often fail to extend forgiveness and instead communicate punitive retribution in various forms, degrees and expressions. This breaks unity. More importantly it distorts and even negates the gospel of good news through Christ, the cross and the resurrection.

    I was about to buy your book until I got it free on Kindle. Sorry about that. Interestingly, yours is the first book I am reading on Kindle and I actually like it! I look forward to reading Narrative 2 and 3.

    • Thanks Ben. I’m not out to make money, but to tell my stories! I hope my books will give people insight into what I’ve been trying to communicate, as well as clarify what I’ve experienced.

    • Ben, I am looking for concrete examples of how to “extend forgiveness” as you say here.

      How can we extend forgiveness to a group of people? Is that possible? What would reconciliation look like?

  18. big bear

    Like Brian, I never wrote a book to make money but to convey a message that I felt compelled by God to deliver….nowdays we are preparing and praying for God to open a door for us to move south and to serve His kingdom work and for our children and for the final details and things to clear up the past. Thanks for all who read our books…like Brian my emotions and my love for people and the whole body of Christ is being restored…to God be the glory.

  19. MJ Peace

    Big bear,

    I just finished your book. I absolutely loved it. You wrote in a very fatherly manner. I could sense your heart as someone with good intentions, which I believe a lot of ubf-ers have, but good intentions are not enough. Thank you for sharing your story. It resonated a lot with my story. I’ve experience the “unbalanced ministry” for 4 years. But as you write, without that “unbalanced ministry” experience you wouldn’t be where you are now (there is a positive point in the negative experience). I like the question Cora asked you at the end, “Why did you stay so long?” When I look back, I ask myself that too and the answer I come up with is fear. The only reason I could leave was because I had a support group: my parents (who were going through the exact same thing in their chapter, if they hadn’t I don’t know what would have happened) and a peer who told me that he respected me as a believer and believed the Holy Spirit was in me. Without those people who edified me I would not be where I am now. (Actually, at that time I was talking to Ben and he introduced me to ubfriends. I then left a comment and my ex-chapter director read it, knew it was me and ridiculed me without addressing the content of my statements.) Four years of my Christian life were lived under fear. And now I pray no one else has to experience that. I hope that ubfriends can be a support group for people going through the same things.
    I left my ex chapter only to join a different UBF chapter, but I am lovin’ it. I critique and question everything. Our slogan is “living out the gospel in life and community.” Basically it is a bridge between our spiritual life and physical life, our bio and zoe, just like your bridge community church.
    You mentioned a lot of valid points: no PRACTICAL support for members, (where does the tithe go?), no serving the community/neighbors/family, no friendship in marriage, no dating, no accountability. All these topics could be a book in or itself. Actually, at the past Easter Conference we had, I realized that there are current UBF members who are aware of what’s going on and do their best to live according to the gospel of the JC and not UBF. There are current UBF members who read and comment on this site. I pray that there would be more unity between people who think this way, whether in UBF or not (I also think this is not just a UBF thing, but (works-performance based life) is a weapon of Satan to attack the body of Christ. I know many missionary kids and Pastor kids from other ministries.) I really believe the way to combat these unbalanced ministries is through raising a third culture/support group, chapters that are willing to listen and support. I don’t want people to have to go through 29 years of this ministry before they wake up. But they need to know they are supported and respected. To conclude, I loved your book and you inspire me to write my own story, but there were a couple typos that should be edited. I could tell you what pages they are on if you want. You book really exceeded any expectations I had for it. Bravo. Praise God.

  20. big bear

    Thanks mj….feel free to facebook me typos will get to publisher….I am happy you understand our struggle…I like Ben Toh chapter of UBF…there is much hope when I listen to his comments and others…wife Cora says Hi
    ….yes a third party is refreshing…..stay in His love and reach out to all Christians and love the whole church…big bear

  21. Thanks for sharing MJ. I had a similar reaction to Andrew’s book. He wrote from the heart, and that shines through loud and clear.

    In writing my second book, I asked these questions that you pose here:

    ” I like the question Cora asked you at the end, “Why did you stay so long?” When I look back, I ask myself that too and the answer I come up with is fear.”

    Why did I stay for 24 years? In my book I describe how I wanted fame and glory. Fear has little to do with my staying so long. Basically I stayed because I saw no way out and was entangled with all the training. But mainly I wanted to be famous.

    My first bible study was to study the entire book of Genesis. My shepherds promised me that “my name would be great” and that I would be “famous like Abraham”. So I didn’t look for a way out.

    I got what I deserve though. I am now “infamous”. Those who seek self glory and fame typically end up in infamy.

  22. Hey everyone my first book is free on Kindle today and tomorrow, to celebrate the publishing of my second book.

    Rest Unleashed: The Raven Narratives

    I feel like writing 120 books :)

  23. big bear

    Thanks to all who bought book and those who read it…I just revised it….adding updates to clarify how God has worked through it and changed and added….the book is longer and believe even more clearer…corrected typos from MJ peace advice….