Blogging My Books

bAs someone suggested, I decided to blog some of the content of my two books online. Each book is about 100 pages, so I decided to just blog important sections of each book. If you are struggling as a UBF member to understand what is happening to your life or if you are an ex UBF member who is suddenly faced with post-traumatic stress symptoms after leaving UBF, I urge you to consider reading my books. There is a lot going on at UBF ministry that has nothing to do with Christianity or the bible.

Book #1 – Rest Unleashed: The Raven Narratives

I blogged major sections of this book here on ubfriends.

Rest Unleashed excerpts on our ubfriends blog

Book #2 – Goodness Found: The Butterfly Narratives

I blogged major sections of this second book on my personal theology blog:

Goodness Found excerpts on my Lambhearted lion blog

Tell us your story?

If you are looking for a healthy way to comprehend and recover from a controlling ministry or other traumatic experience, please consider contacting us and submitting an article to tell us your story. Until the lions tell their stories, history belongs to the hunters (African proverb)




  1. Hey everyone. This week an unexpected opportunity opened up for my books to be shared with 1,400+ people who have never heard of ubf :) And that has the chance to expand to over 10,000+ people.