A Consistent Blog

cWell another year has passed! 2014 was a great year for our little blogging community. Somehow Ben, Joe and I managed to not lose our minds (or did we?). Here are some year end stats. Enjoy and Merry Christmas! (click the pictures to see a larger image)

Consistent Readership

A big THANK YOU to all our readers and contributors in 2014. We appreciate your time to listen to us. And we enjoy seeing people submit articles on a  regular basis this year. We regularly had an average of 225 readers each day in 2014. This makes us a small community, but one with material that people are interested in.

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Global Participation

Greetings to all our friends around the world! Did you find the translator plugin helpful at all? Should we keep the translator in 2015?

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Top Viewed Articles

For 2014, these are the articles our readership was most interested in.

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  1. Brian, these stats are truly telling and show the importantance and reach of ubfriends. I am truly thankful that you and others have continued the dialogue. I don’t think any website has challenged me, motivated me, angered me, encouraged me, etc. as this site has. My prayer is that this site continue to do all these things in 2015.

    • hmmm, can I get a different icon?

    • Thanks Mark! Yes anyone can upload a profile pic. Just click the Edit Profile link in the upper right corner after signing on.

    • And just in case anyone is wondering, our website automatically assigns a random profile picture until you upload your own :)

  2. When I wrote My Open Letter in 2012, two years ago, ubfriends had 4,680 comments.

    Now we have 15,903 comments. 10,000+ comments in just 2 years.

    Thank you everyone for the lively, challenging, sometimes infuriating, always edifying dialogue, discussion and always surprising interactions!

    • Gajanan Nial
      Gajanan Nial

      That is exponential growth rate, Brian!
      Thank you authors and commentators for keeping us engaged, enraged and edified!
      Hoping and praying for God’s goodness to prevail in 2015!
      Happy festive season and a New Year to ubfriends!