The Ubferator!

nHey everyone, we just topped 19,000 comments! The conversations have been rather heavy lately, so I thought we could all use a good laugh. I am in tears from laughing so hard at this! Check it out.

Life is scripted!

We all know how much time is spent week after week writing testimonies, rebuking sheep and answering those question sheets.

Save tons of time!

Are you looking to save loads of time each week? Well look no further. The ubferator will save shepherds so much time!

Need a testimony in a jiffy?

Just enter a few keywords and presto! You have a life testimony!

Need a rebuke?

Try out the one and only rebukerator!

No time to answer that question sheet?

No problem! Just enter your passage and wa-la!

The ubfeator links above may earn you severe dead dog training. Use at your own risk. The ubferator has also been known to cause intense abdominal pain from laughing too hard. Please use with caution. If you experience laughter lasting more than four hours, please call your doctor.


  1. Pretty funny, except for those who take themselves seriously and have no idea how to laugh at themselves.

    • The enter your passage could be titled PointOfPassagerator! The point is basically always the same: The point of this passage is to go into all the world and make students into a kingdom of priests and a holy nation!

  2. Joe Schafer


    Hey, it’s Friday. Need a repentance topic for your testimony sharing meeting tonight?

    WasASlaveOf <- sample( c(“Lust”,”Money”,”Drinking”,”Human Ambition”,”Pleasure”), size=2, replace=F) } else{ WasASlaveOf <- “cursed woman’s desire” }

  3. Joe Schafer

    Marketing: “Takes the drudgery out of the drudgery”

  4. Darren Gruett

    That was funny. Thanks for the laugh. I hope everyone has a happy and safe Labor Day weekend.

  5. bekamartin

    So funny, Brian!! I am so glad I’m not doing this drudgery anymore! haha

  6. forestsfailyou


  7. Amazing that we put up with this kind of thing so long.