Books by former UBF members are one of the best ways to learn about UBF.




My life story in three books:

Rest Unleashed: The Raven Narratives (3/2014)

Goodness Found: The Butterfly Narratives (5/2014)

Unexpected Christianity: The Penguin Narratives (9/2014)

An examination of the UBF ministry:

Identity Snatchers – Paperback Edition
Identity Snatchers – Kindle Edition

An amazing book telling a similar story as mine:

I Choose: Subtlety in Cults (former Canada ubf woman)

Ron Enroth is one outsider who examined a UBF case study:

Churches That Abuse (paperback)

UBF publishing:

A Study of 1 Corinthians-Back to the Gospel

2 Corinthians – The Ministry of Reconciliation

Korean Diaspora and Christian Mission

Meditation, Confession and Healing in Writing Testimonies

Korean 2nd Generation Apologetics:

The Spirit Moves West