Karcher Sermon Danger ScaleAs I review lectures and sermons, I find that I need more than just the …2016/02/09Critique
A Boil on your ButtI simply cannot make this stuff up folks….I really am concerned about the psychological health …2014/11/05Rant
God Curses Samuel Lee WorshipDid God just curse the latest worship of Samuel Lee? Well according to the ubf …2014/10/08Doctrine, News
Abusive Religion is SubtleSpiritual abuse looks good at first. So it is so difficult to identify. And it …2013/12/21Gospel
I can’t stand your monthly conferencesThese are the words I have to say today.2013/12/08Bible Study, Clarity, Freedom
UBF Builds Museum in KoreaWhere is the $13 million ubf stash going? It is going to South Korea for …2013/11/3050th Anniversary Book, News, Sin
Dual IdentitiesOne dilemma facing “second gens” in ubf these days is the problem of dual identity. …2013/10/20Freedom, Unity
UBF Worships Founder At Graveyard132 ubf people made the annual pilgrimage to the gravesite of founder Samuel Lee.2013/10/0750th Anniversary Book, News
UBF – A Declining MinistryIn spite of the cheerleading that goes on within the walls of University Bible Fellowship, …2013/09/28News, Statistics
UBF Message Review – Last one for nowThis week’s message from Toledo UBF left me so empty that I felt as if …2013/09/24UBF Message Review
Katy Perry InterludeI used to sit quietly.2013/09/22Lyrics
UBF Message Review – Christ in YouThe Toledo UBF “message quality” dropped significantly this past Sunday.2013/09/16UBF Message Review
UBF Message Review – Christ is Supreme, Sufficient and NecessaryThis week’s message contained quite a few improvements to note. While I think there are …2013/09/10UBF Message Review
UBF Message Review – The Gospel is Bearing Fruit and GrowingBecause this is kick-off week for this new blog series, I’ll be reviewing more than …2013/09/05UBF Message Review
Message Rating ExplainedAs I review the Toledo UBF messages each week this Fall, I will use a …2013/09/04UBF Message Review
UBF Message Review – Treasure in Jars of ClayMy new fall blogging series kicks off this week with a review of a Toledo …2013/09/04UBF Message Review
Toledo UBF Weekly Message ReviewMy new blogging series for this Fall is a weekly review of Toledo UBF messages. …2013/09/02UBF Message Review
UBF Ideology – 12 point heritageThe first part of the 12 point UBF heritage system is what I call the …2013/08/25Doctrine, Psychology
2013 UBF International Summer Bible ConferenceHere is what the invitation really says…2013/05/27Critique, News, Truth
InspirationWe’re a lot stronger than you say we are.2013/05/26Clarity, Lyrics, Videos
Can anyone say HNW?All women in ubf should find out the meaning of HNW.2013/05/05Critique, Rant
Taking OathsPerhaps taking an oath of obedience to a mission or cause is not always a …2013/05/04Psychology, Rant
What ubf is really all aboutHere is a ubf report that expresses clearly what the global ubf network is really …2013/05/0450th Anniversary Book, News
A Grandmother’s QuestionsSometime in 2011 a grandmother contacted me out of concern for her grandson, who had …2013/05/0450th Anniversary Book, Critique
Not as Strong as We Think2013/05/03God, Gospel, Honesty, Jesus
Creed2013/05/02Gospel, Jesus, Lyrics
Sometimes2013/05/02Jesus, Lyrics
My last ubf panel presenationBe careful if you happen to attend a ubf meeting. You might be added to …2013/04/29News
You might be in a cult if…Recent events and decisions by various leaders in ubf have prompted me to make today’s …2013/04/2050th Anniversary Book, Education
What is spiritual abuse?The most applicable definition I have found that explains my experience and many others in …2013/02/27Clarity, Psychology
No One Left BehindSaving private Ryan.2013/02/25Love, Mercy, Mission
No hidden agendas, No burdenSo you want to be a missionary?2013/02/24Gospel
Should’ve started running…a long time ago.2013/02/24Clarity, Freedom, Love, Lyrics
Who KnewRemember when we were such fools and so convinced?2013/02/24Honesty, Love, Lyrics
You are Perfect…to me.2013/02/24Clarity, Faith, Forgiveness, Freedom
I Am the Lost PrincessHere’s how you react when you realize your true self identity and the lies that …2013/02/23Education, Lyrics
To fix that which is brokenHugo.2013/02/23Lyrics, Psychology
UBF in Newspapers – USA, 1988Here’s a clipping from 1988 in the USA. Anything sound familiar?2013/02/23Newspapers
UBF in Newspapers – Canada, 1986Here is a clipping from 1986. Anything sound familiar in 2013?2013/02/23Newspapers
UBF in Newspapers – Canada, 1990Here is a clipping from 1990.2013/02/23Newspapers
UBF in Newspapers – IntroductionJust after joining UBF around 1987, a concerned family member sent me a newspaper clipping …2013/02/22Newspapers
God is LightSome of the most important teachings of 1 John are the “God is…” statements.2013/02/20Bible Study, Clarity, Critique
Skipping the Best PartsThis is some of the most infuriating bible teaching I’ve seen yet.2013/02/20Bible Study, Clarity, Critique
We Should Not ForgetI think ubf should be rebuilt, starting with a memorial to Sarah.2013/02/19Dedication
While the Shepherds RejoiceDo shepherds in ubf even see the dogs under the table?2013/02/19Critique, Honesty, Sin
How to Survive Marriage By FaithHere are some tips and tricks about how to survive the MbF process.2013/02/17Education
Blessed Be YOUR NameBlessed be the Name of the LORD.2013/02/12Faith, Gospel, Lyrics
Dr. Phil – CultsGood background material.2013/02/08Clarity
How a recognize a cultGood listen.2013/02/08Clarity, Freedom
Paradise RecoveredOne of the best movies to recover from UBF.2013/02/08Clarity, Freedom
Obsessed with UrinePeople in UBF should wake up and pay attention.2013/02/08Critique
TrumanGood morning, and in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good …2013/01/12Freedom
Answer to Open LetterHere is the answer to my open letter.2013/01/11Clarity
Question 2 in 2013Are 99% of UBF directors cult-leaders?2013/01/06Clarity
Question 1 in 2013Is UBF a cult?2013/01/06Clarity
Gazelle intensityI found this quite applicable.2012/12/31Finances, Freedom
Distress that drives us to GodAnd now, isn’t it wonderful all the ways in which this distress has goaded you …2012/12/31Bible Study
Lean on meI’m not going away in 2013.2012/12/30Dedication, Lyrics
Gandalf’s WarningYea, it’s kinda like this:2012/12/30Truth, Videos
Stand my groundThere ain’t no easy way out.2012/12/28Dedication, Lyrics
Now you’re messin’Some events invoke a song like this.2012/12/28Honesty, Lyrics
Jackson MississippiSometimes after leaving UBF you just feel like Jackson Mississippi.2012/12/28Honesty, Lyrics
A Vote of No ConfidenceI was not elected to watch my people suffer and die…2012/12/28Legal, Lyrics
Wind of Change2012/12/27Clarity, Lyrics
Part of MeA good song that represents a of lot what you feel while leaving UBF.2012/12/25Freedom, Lyrics
Pray For RainWe all need rain to wash away what has made us numb.2012/12/25Clarity, Gospel, Lyrics
TornWhat it feels like to leave UBF.2012/12/25Honesty, Lyrics
Wide AwakeEverything you see ain’t always what it seems. The story’s over now. The End.2012/12/25Clarity, Lyrics
There’s A FireDon’t underestimate me.2012/12/25Clarity, Lyrics
Somebody I Used To KnowAfter leaving UBF, you have to remember at least one thing.2012/12/25Disobedience, Lyrics
Have A Nice Day ;)Why you wanna tell me how to live my life?2012/12/25Freedom, Honesty, Lyrics
2012 ReadershipIn 2012, some people told me that nobody wants to read or discuss what I …2012/12/22News
Amazing Grace2012/12/22Gospel, Lyrics
The Medley2012/12/21Jesus, Lyrics
Abba Father2012/12/21Lyrics, Mercy
The Sound of Silence2012/12/20Lyrics, Prayer
Open Letter to UBF MembersSent to 200+ UBF members and directors.2012/12/1950th Anniversary Book, News
Born FreeIf you can’t see my heart you must be blind.2012/12/19Freedom, Gospel, Lyrics
A Song for Former MembersIf you ever feel less than nothing…  2012/12/19Love, Lyrics
Say SomethingAnother song expressing how I felt as I left UBF.2012/12/19Honesty, Love, Lyrics
My Biblical MandateOne of the requirements of my current cohort group is to prepare a personal biblical …2012/12/17Bible Study, Dedication, Gospel
Face the FactsThis passage of Scripture comes to mind again today.2012/12/17Faith, Gospel, Truth
Hotel CaliforniaEnough said. Metaphorically that is.2012/12/16Clarity, Lyrics, Truth
Give glory to God!As I continue to recover from leaving UBF, I find that I identify with the …2012/12/16Clarity, Freedom
Open Letter to UBF General DirectorSent to the General Director.2012/12/1650th Anniversary Book, News
The VillageDuring the past two years, the best way I coped with the process of leaving …2012/12/12Videos
Even ifLord we know your ways are not our ways2012/12/12Faith, Lyrics
Beyond BeliefMoving can seem dangerous…seldom do we know the glory came and went…2012/12/12Faith, Lyrics
Set Me FreeSet me free.2012/12/12Freedom, Lyrics
Amazing GraceAmazing grace.2012/12/11Gospel, Lyrics
Set Me FreeThere is freedom.2012/12/11Freedom, Lyrics
ComplicatedHere’s a song I felt like singing as a UBF sheep.2012/12/11Clarity, Lyrics
An Apology – 359 years laterWe all know the earth revolves around the sun. Anyone want to challenge that? 359 …2012/12/11Clarity, Doctrine
A Look BackIn November 2002, I registered this “” domain. My intention was to share my UBF …2012/12/09Dedication, Honesty, Repentance
I’ll be a friendKenny Marks, born Kenneth Michael Marks, November 6, 1950, Detroit, Michigan, has performed on 6 …2012/12/09Lyrics
MaybeMaybe it’s not too late to learn how to love and forget how to hate.2012/12/09Lyrics
Stand back upI will stand back up. I’m only human but aren’t we all.2012/12/09Lyrics
Silent LucidityWaking up after life in UBF…another chance.2012/12/09Lyrics
What lies beneathPeople are deeper than our perceived shell…2012/12/09Lyrics
Next timeDedicated to a young man who left this life too early…2012/12/09Lyrics
KeeperA big black book…grandma.2012/12/09Lyrics
Bring the rainPraying for healing and keeping my faith.2012/12/09Lyrics
Bring me to lifeWaking up after leaving the UBF life…2012/12/09Lyrics
HeadstrongThoughts on moving on and finding healing…2012/12/09Lyrics
NumbHow UBF “sheep” often may feel…2012/12/09Lyrics
Over youAnother song about getting over UBF…2012/12/09Lyrics
FlinchAnother song expressing what former UBF members may feel…2012/12/09Lyrics
Because of youA song expressing how former UBF members might feel…2012/12/09Lyrics
Signs of an Unhealthy ChurchHere is a good list of signs to watch out for in a church, taken …2012/12/08Doctrine
Only One ReasonAccording to this slide, there is only one reason to do UBF 1:1.2012/12/07Critique, Doctrine, Hardcore
The Hamster Wheel – Part 2Sometimes its just too easy…2012/12/07Critique, Doctrine
Pyramid of AuthorityEver feel like you are on the bottom of the pyramid at UBF meetings? It’s …2012/12/06Doctrine
Dear LeaderEver notice how your UBF director seems sort of like a “dear leader” style of …2012/12/06Doctrine
The Hamster WheelThis teaching slide speaks for itself.2012/12/06Doctrine
Hardcore 1:1 – Part 5Here is my review of the conclusion of the Hardcore 1:1 presentation.2012/12/06Critique, Doctrine, Hardcore
Hardcore 1:1 – Part 4Here is my fourth review of the Hardcore 1:1 presentation.2012/12/06Bible Study, Critique, Doctrine, Hardcore
Hardcore 1:1 – Part 3Here is my third review of the Hardcore 1:1 presentation.2012/12/06Critique, Doctrine, Hardcore
Double MinistryBefore I continue with my review of an important UBF teaching slide, I decided to …2012/12/06Critique, Doctrine
Hardcore 1:1 – Part 2Here is my review of the second part of the UBF leadership presentation “Hardcore Contents …2012/12/06Bible Study, Critique, Doctrine, Hardcore
A Call to HonestyI fully support this call to honesty. I think we need more videos…2012/12/04Clarity, Honesty, Videos
Hardcore 1:1 – Part 1No, I’m not making up the title. In 2010, UBF held a “global leadership forum”. …2012/12/04Critique, Doctrine, Hardcore
Black CarsAs I think back on my personal narrative, I find that black GM cars played …2012/12/03Folklore, History
An Event from 20012001 marked the third reform movement and mass exodus of UBF leaders and members. A …2012/12/03News
Public Image and StrategyA quick internet search quickly reveals that UBF has a public image problem. They have …2012/12/03History, News, Repentance
Testimony after TestimonySoon there will be a permanent online place for these testimonies of former UBF members. …2012/12/02Dedication, Repentance
Ask for the Blue BookMy suggestion for every UBF member or anyone approached by a UBF shepherd is to …2012/11/28Books, Critique, Doctrine
NarcissismOne of the rampant psychological problems among UBF directors is narcissism. Unfortunately, some of the …2012/11/28Freedom, Psychology
Stand My GroundGonna stand my ground, won’t be turned around.2012/11/27Gospel
Someone Who Can RelateI’m reading an excellent new book, “Fundamorphosis” by Rob Ryerse. After finishing the book, I’ll …2012/11/27Books, Love
A Sickening CycleThe UBF pattern plows onward…2012/11/25Critique, Rant
Strange WordsAs my family left UBF in 2011 after 24 years of serving as leaders there, …2012/11/25Rant
UBF Numbers UpdateNumbers are prized possessions in UBF. Yet the total offering and attendance numbers have historically …2012/11/24Finances
Why the Shepherding Movement FailedHave you heard of the Shepherding Movement? It was a phenomena that occurred in America …2012/11/20Clarity, Doctrine, History
Thanksgiving 2012Here is my list of 20 thanksgiving topics for 2012.2012/11/18Freedom, Truth
Binding your soul to UBFHere is a good example of how to bind your soul to an ideology.2012/09/24Critique
Completely Missing the PointAfter writing such horrible messages myself, I did not think I could hear a Bible …2012/09/15Critique
Statistics UpdateOver 1 year has passed since I began this blog. I thought it highly interesting …2012/09/14Statistics
Mottos of Controlling PeopleHere are some choice slides from Eric Ludy’s recent sermon. Highly relevant to me. How …2012/09/10Freedom
Why do people join controlling groups?As I continue to unpack Eric Ludy’s excellent sermon from 9/2/2012, I find the sermon …2012/09/10Freedom
Would they say these things?A few preachers have inspired me greatly over the past couple years. One of them …2012/09/09Clarity
Gospel word-study: Be perfectOne of the biggest problems I had with Bible study is with the commands of …2012/09/08Gospel, Jesus
Gospel word study: SurpassingI continue my quest to find out what made the Jewish leaders SO angry at …2012/09/08Gospel, Jesus
Power concedes nothing without a demandI came across an excellent set of quotes today that is all-too relevant. The UBF …2012/09/05Freedom, History
Jesus and the GospelI often express the gospel as being Jesus himself. I believe this is correct, but …2012/09/02Gospel, Jesus
My LifeUBF people don’t seem to understand something, even as of this past week.2012/08/30Freedom
EzekielThe daily devotion from D.A. Carson has been a huge help to me this year. …2012/08/30Bible Study
The Gospel of…The word “gospel” is used a lot by Christians. After understanding what the gospel is, …2012/08/28Gospel
The Gospel is…As I continue various dialogues, both privately and publicly, I find confusion about the gospel. …2012/08/27Gospel
The gospel I used to preachThe basic elements of the gospel of Jesus Christ are rather easy to describe: Christ died …2012/08/27Gospel
Outside the CampJust a few thoughts today about being “outside the camp”, as found in Scripture.2012/08/18Bible Study, Jesus
Who is my neighbor?Recently I read a Dallas Willard quote that referenced a question: “Who is my neighbor?” …2012/08/07Bible Study
Reasons why I support same-sex marriageThe bottom line of the same-sex marriage debate is this: The LGBT community is requesting …2012/08/04Freedom, Gospel
Why I am Outside the Gate (2)Here are a few more, different, reasons why my dialogues are “outside the gate”…2012/07/25Clarity, Dedication
Why I am Outside the GateHere are the reasons why I feel that while I consider myself a Christian, I …2012/07/24Dedication
Blog post about UBF from 2007From time to time, I come across someone’s blog regarding UBF. Here is someone on …2012/07/15Clarity, Education, Freedom
Sad and GladI feel really sad for these “second gens”, whose only purpose in life seems to …2012/07/15Clarity, Prayer
50th Anniversary Summary RebukeThis is something I wrote one night in 2011. This is harsh reading and will …2012/07/1250th Anniversary Book, Repentance
UBF – The Numbers GameMembers of UBF usually find out rather quickly that UBF teachings are implicit in nature, …2012/07/10History, Truth
UBF Message Fail – GalatiansYou might think studying the Galatians letter in the Bible would be a liberating thing …2012/07/09Bible Study, Doctrine, Preaching
Unity means…no criticismWhat is unity? Jesus prayed for it. Apostle Paul exhorted for it. Many have sought …2012/07/09Doctrine, History, News, Rant, Repentance
Honorable MentionWhat will 24 years of total sacrifice to an organization get you? An honorable mention. …2012/07/09History, News
Upcoming blog seriesToday I purchased the book, “What we believe and why” on Kindle due to John …2012/07/04Bible Study, Dedication
Romans 1:18-32After an encouraging, polite and pleasant introduction, Paul’s words take a sharp turn as he …2012/06/28Bible Study, Romans
Romans 1:1-17Ever since President Obama’s remarks about same-sex marriage, I have seen Romans 1 chopped up and …2012/06/27Bible Study, Clarity, Romans
James and PaulThe Book of James. Why was it included in the Canon of Scripture? Some have …2012/06/26Bible Study, Faith
I’m Christian, especially if you’re gayNot too long ago, I read a blog post entitled “I’m Christian, but not if …2012/06/13Gospel, Jesus
Robes and BaptismsAs I’ve written publicly before, I wanted to be a priest from a young age. Since probably …2012/06/08Education, News
The LORD will never be willing to forgive himThe unforgivable sin. What is it? Ask this to most pastors and Christians and you’ll …2012/06/02Bible Study, Gospel
Who am I?After some recent email conversations, it has become clear that some people don’t know who …2012/06/01Freedom
Helpful MoviesI’ve posted this list in parts elsewhere, but I feel it may be helpful to …2012/05/30Forgiveness, Freedom, Gospel, Love
Difficult Bible VersesDuring my 24 years in UBF, I studied the Bible a lot. I developed an …2012/05/30Bible Study
Glorify Me! Establish Me Forever!No, I’m not making this up. “Glorify me” was actually the prayer topic given to …2012/05/28News, Rant
Sing Your Freedom2012/05/26Freedom, Lyrics
Still Born Free!I am compelled to repost this, for all my friends who have been freed from …2012/05/26Freedom, Lyrics
Feedback from the “Kimchi Talk”Recently I received email from a former Hong Kong UBF member asking me to share …2012/05/22News
The Sin of SodomIt is clear to everyone that Sodom was a sinful city. Genesis 13:13 says plainly: …2012/05/16Bible Study, Sin
Dividing Walls of HostilityAs I survey Christendom in my generation, I see walls. Dividing walls of hostility. Not …2012/05/16Gospel
Judaism 2.0 or Jesus?Is the faith that Jesus proclaimed merely an upgrade to Judaism? Was God saying that …2012/05/15Gospel, Jesus
A Lot of MoneyThe man owed a whole lot of money. I don’t mean two or three thousand …2012/05/14Forgiveness
What is the gospel of Jesus?In 1988 I heard the gospel of Jesus. And I believe I heard it clearly …2012/05/14Gospel, Jesus
Prayer for Hong Kong UBFToday I received the following email from a former Hong Kong UBF member. With her …2012/05/12News, Prayer
Go and Make DisciplesAre we called to be disciple-makers? That is a question someone posted here yesterday. Do …2012/05/05Bible Study, Clarity, Doctrine, Holy Spirit
Summary of 4 Attempts to Reform UBFSome have told me that if I want to see UBF change, I am going …2012/05/0450th Anniversary Book, History
UBF Spiritual HeritageSpiritual heritage. If you’ve been in UBF for any length of time, you know what …2012/05/0450th Anniversary Book, Doctrine
Christian ConfucianismA while back I blogged about the basic concepts of Confucianism. Through this, I have …2012/05/02Clarity, Education, Freedom
50th Anniversary DeceptionThe last lecture of the 50th Anniversary Book from 2011 has some clear explanations of …2012/04/2850th Anniversary Book
In Memory of SarahToday’s post is for people in USA UBF.  I know that, like myself in the …2012/04/28Dedication
SuicidesFor the most part, life in UBF went well for me. I have a rather …2012/04/27Dedication, Love
New UBF TV WebsiteThe website seems to have moved to: The UBF educational videos are here: (The videos …2012/04/23Education
UBF SchoolsA while back I was surprised to discover plans for creating schools to teach UBF ways …2012/04/2350th Anniversary Book, Education
Rogue Chapters: Do your own thing?This week, an anonymous person commented here and asked for my thoughts on the rogue …2012/04/21Freedom, Unity
External Comments about UBFIt is healthy, sometimes, to hear what others say about us. I’m not saying we …2012/04/20Clarity, Truth
UBF: Back to para-church?Over the past 10 years, the on-campus, Bible study front-groups for University Bible Fellowship have …2012/04/1950th Anniversary Book, Doctrine, History
FlintToday I’m reminded of some words from a friend.  “8 But I will make you as …2012/04/18Bible Study
A Challenge to UBF membersMy challenge to anyone in UBF…2012/04/18Doctrine, Faith, Freedom, God
Public Comments about UBFToday I came across a rare public document that captures UBF leaders interacting with public …2012/04/15Doctrine, News
1976 UBF Reform Letter: Lee-Centered MinistryAnyone familiar with University Bible Fellowship understands that UBF has been heavily influenced by Samuel …2012/04/0950th Anniversary Book, Doctrine, News
1976 UBF Reform Letter: Non-Biblical EducationAs I continue to read the 1976 Korean UBF reform letter, I can clearly see …2012/04/0850th Anniversary Book, Doctrine, Education
1976 UBF Reform Letter: Illegal ActivityThe 1976 reform movement in Korea UBF, led by Korean staff shepherds, is nothing short …2012/04/0850th Anniversary Book, History
1976 UBF Reform Letter: Human Rights AbusesThe 1976 reform movement is acknowledged briefly in the official UBF history:  “In 1976, a …2012/04/0750th Anniversary Book, Education, History
2012 Event: “Utopia in Kimchi Tank”It was brought to my attention recently that UBF is actually listed on at least …2012/04/07Education, News
1976 UBF Reform Letter: Offering Money AbusesIn 1976, Korean staff shepherds in UBF became so agitated by the condition of UBF ministry that …2012/04/0650th Anniversary Book, Clarity, Finances, History, Repentance
Easter 2012 Reflection: Reform?It is Good Friday, April 6th 2012. Historically, Easter is the time of reform movement …2012/04/0650th Anniversary Book, Dedication, Repentance
What happened in Winnepeg?Here’s an acid test question to ask a UBF leader: what happened in Winnepeg? Personally, …2012/03/31Freedom, Legal, News
UBF: Wikipedia articleEarlier I blogged about how the official UBF Internet Committee tries to remove critical material …2012/03/30News
Long Term Blogging ProjectsAs my journey of faith continues, I’ve settled on three long term blogging projects.2012/03/22Dedication, Preaching, Unity
UBF: Business MissionOne of the “blue book” topics is something called “business mission”, which describes new ways …2012/03/1450th Anniversary Book, Doctrine
UBF: Official Teaching MaterialOne good result of the 30th Anniversary celebration of UBF in Germany and the 50th …2012/03/1350th Anniversary Book, Doctrine
UBF: What will it look like?If things go the way UBF leaders pray and work so hard for, in 2041, …2012/03/12Legal, News
UBF: The Fertilizer GenerationThere is a term I heard numerous times spoken by senior Korean missionaries in UBF: …2012/03/07Rant
UBF 50th Anniversary Book: Campus MinistryPart 2 of the blue book begins on page 40. The title of this section …2012/03/0550th Anniversary Book
UBF 50th Anniversary Book: IntroductionFinally, on page 31, we get to the Introduction, which is two lectures and goes …2012/03/0350th Anniversary Book
UBF 50th Anniversary Book: Opening MessagesThe first three messages in the “2011 UBF Shepherd Missionary Seminar spirit, ministry, vision” book …2012/03/0350th Anniversary Book
UBF 50th Anniversary Book: God’s WordThe UBF Blue Book is the “2011 UBF Shepherd Missionary Seminar” book published in 2011 …2012/02/2750th Anniversary Book
UBF 50th Anniversary Book: “Terrible Times”The UBF Blue Book is a UBFPress publication released in 2011. The title of the …2012/02/2650th Anniversary Book
Mercy, Not SacrificeOver this past year, the following phrase kept coming to mind: I DESIRE MERCY, NOT …2012/02/26Doctrine, Mercy
A New BlogA kingdom of priests. A royal priesthood. God’s chosen people. These are the words deeply …2012/02/26Dedication, Mercy
Final PostAs I continue to read Andy Stanley’s book “The Grace of God”, I am finding …2011/12/14Clarity, Dedication, Jesus
2011 – Year of ScriptureFor me, the year 2011 will always be remembered as the “year of the living …2011/12/12Bible Study, Jesus
2011 – Year of RepentanceOne of the primary works of the Spirit in me in 2011 is repentance. My …2011/12/12Repentance
2011 Easter Conference ReportAs the year 2011 comes to an end, I begin my yearly December reflections on …2011/12/10News
Room for Jesus?As Christmas approaches, I’ve had one thought that keeps coming to mind: Would I have …2011/12/06Jesus
Paying respect or Religious power?Things like this have disturbed me for many years. I never said anything, but today …2011/12/02Doctrine, History
Praise God, Ignore DivisionThings that disturb me about UBF: a tendency to rewrite history to be only positive; …2011/11/30Doctrine, Mission, News
Unanswered QuestionsOn 8/8/2011, I sent the following questions to the Leadership Council in Toledo UBF.2011/11/29Freedom, Rant
Fellowship or Foe?In 2007, a U.S. newspaper ran an article entitled “Fellowship or Foe?”2011/11/27News
Lord, Consider Their ThreatsToday our church continued going through the book of Acts. The passage last week was …2011/11/20Acts, Bible Study, Dedication
Stuff that would be punishedYesterday I read a report by a visiting missionary to UBF. Aside from the typical …2011/11/20Repentance
UBF Exodus in Hong KongThe problems facing University Bible Fellowship (UBF) are not isolated to America, Germany and Russia. …2011/11/19Freedom, News
The Spirit of ChristJust as Jesus has many names, so does the Holy Spirit. Romans 8:9 names the …2011/11/01Holy Spirit
God’s Invitation2011/11/01Jesus
The Stand“I’ll Stand with Arms High.”2011/10/31God, Jesus, Lyrics
CoercionCoercion. What is it?2011/10/24Preaching, Truth
Be Armed! Lesson #5This week’s “Be Armed!” Bible study is entitled: Regarding creation (both seen and unseen). The …2011/10/24Bible Study, Doctrine, God
I Lift My HandsBe still, there is a healer His love is deeper than the sea His mercy, …2011/10/23Faith, Jesus
Does Anybody Hear Her?Do we hear?2011/10/22Jesus, Unity
Set Me FreeThis video tells the story of how Jesus set me free…2011/10/22Jesus, Unity
We Will Glorify“Acapella” – We Will Glorify – a much needed song from many years ago…2011/10/21Jesus, Lyrics
The Blue Book – Part 2As I read through the “2011 UBF Shepherd Missionary Seminar: spirit, ministry, vision”, I am …2011/10/2150th Anniversary Book, Doctrine, Repentance
The Blue BookThis week I received a package in the mail from Korea. Apparently, they didn’t get …2011/10/2050th Anniversary Book, Doctrine
Take My YokeIn 2006, a former member of UBF critiqued the message I delivered as Sunday messenger …2011/10/17Jesus
More repentance: stuffed animalsThe more I see my prior life from Scripture’s viewpoint, the more I see my …2011/10/17Doctrine, Repentance
Be Armed! Lesson #4This week’s study is entitled: Pneumatology: Regarding the Holy Spirit. Naturally, my first question was: …2011/10/13Bible Study, Doctrine, Holy Spirit
Surely you do not mean us too?John Michael Talbot was one of the early musicians I listened to back in the …2011/10/12Doctrine, Jesus
How to leave UBF?Google Analytics is an handy tool to have. The feedback from the statistics generated by …2011/10/11Clarity, Dedication, Freedom
Example of RepentanceKeith Green. Do you know who he was? Most likely you have heard some of …2011/10/10Repentance
Ezekiel: A prophet to the righteousDo the righteous need prophets? Do those who claim to be God’s people need to …2011/10/10Bible Study
Words from a FriendA friend of mine left UBF a few years ago. He was a faithful and …2011/10/10Truth
Preaching Through DialogueWhat do you think of when you hear the word “preaching”? For me, I always …2011/10/09Preaching
Case StudiesHere are some external observations of UBF ministry that are helpful to gain an objective …2011/10/08Doctrine, News
The Word of God is LivingFor me, the year 2011 will always be remembered as the “year of the living …2011/10/08Bible Study
Drink Your WineI can just hear the rumors spreading as I type today’s follow-up post. (I often …2011/10/07Bible Study, Wine
Freedom of the MindOne of my friends recently mentioned to me how he heard people dismissing me and …2011/10/07Education, Freedom
Be Armed! Lesson #3This week’s “Be Armed!” Bible study is entitled: Christology: Regarding Jesus Christ. This study confirmed …2011/10/05Bible Study, Doctrine, Jesus
The Purpose of QuestionsA question came up in Bible study today. I wondered, why would that question be …2011/10/05Bible Study, Clarity, Education
The Independence MovementUp to now, there have been three reform movements in UBF history.2011/10/04Dedication, Freedom, History, Jesus, Love, Obedience, Truth, Unity
Everything is WonderfulHere is yet another glowing report that everything is wonderful in UBF.2011/10/04Rant
DeclarationIn the U.S., Constitution Day (September 17) came and went this year. I’ve not paid …2011/10/04Freedom, U.S. Constitution
DiagramsUBF published a rather odd looking diagram based on 1 Timothy recently. As I read …2011/10/03Education
Overcoming FearI’ve noticed there is an undue amount of fear among people in UBF and sometimes …2011/10/03Love
Be Armed! Lesson #2As part of his ordination process, one of the leaders at Grace is required to …2011/09/30Doctrine, God
The Sisyphus SyndromEven when I was defending UBF as a Christian church, I admitted that there is …2011/09/29Education
Validity and AccountabilityMy blog has created quit a stir recently. So today I want to post a …2011/09/27Jesus, Love, Unity
How Not To StudySo there is a leadership workshop coming up in October. Now that I have the …2011/09/26Bible Study, Rant
Workshop ChangeThe UBF Leadership Workshop location was changed from the Salvation Army Camp to the Chicago …2011/09/26News
The Unknown“What would that look like?” This is one phrase I have heard pastors speak a …2011/09/26Bible Study, Jesus
$12,896,882$12,896,882. That is the current net worth of UBF. For three years in a row, …2011/09/25Finances
No more Mr. CruiseToday I was reading back through the Voy forum, looking for a specific post. I …2011/09/24Repentance
Removing Anti-UBF ArticlesEarlier this month, a senior Korean missionary forwarded me a copy of an email sent …2011/09/23History, News
Google Analytics UpdateI started this blog back in July, but did not install the Google analytics counters …2011/09/23Statistics
UBF Doctrine – UndocumentedWhy does UBF continue to be controversial and show up on cult-watching lists?2011/09/23Doctrine, Freedom, Truth
Love Covers OverThis verse came up twice in emails I received from UBF leaders over the past …2011/09/23Bible Study, Doctrine, Love
A Failed DefenseJust capturing some evidence of my failed defense of UBF as a Christian church. I …2011/09/22Repentance, Truth
Is UBF a Cult?A quick Google search will turn up numerous results of people questioning whether University Bible …2011/09/21Education, Truth
Be Armed! Lesson #1As part of his ordination process, one of the leaders at Grace is required to …2011/09/21Bible Study, Doctrine
Because you matter to God“Because you matter to God.” Those were the words at the end of an email …2011/09/19Love
20th Anniversary“We have failed.” “Make sure you make us do our job.” “Make sure you get …2011/09/13Education, News
I Question ItI have no words for today’s post (well no polite words, that is). This song …2011/09/13Freedom, Rant, Truth
Moving onSome people asked me what is going on in Toledo UBF. I told them I …2011/09/11News, Rant
The R-GroupIf you’ve been in UBF for a few years, you likely have heard someone talk …2011/09/10Doctrine, Lyrics, News
Моим друзьям в РоссииДля моих друзей в России, которые не оставили служение: Во-первых, пожалуйста, простите мой бедный русский …2011/09/10Russian
LawyersA few months ago, a good friend of mine confided in me some details about …2011/09/10Legal, News
Born Free2011/09/09Freedom
UBF Mission Statement for the Next 50 YearsThis is the 12 point statement and 3 point pledge that came out of the …2011/09/08Mission, News
A Glorious HistoryHistory is a remarkable subject. I am not a historian and love new media, the …2011/09/08History
Springboarding from Acts 19Last Sunday we heard an inspiring, insightful and sobering teaching based on Acts 19. 1 …2011/09/07Acts, Bible Study
ProoftextingWhat is prooftexting? First of all, it is probably something that would drive my wife …2011/09/06Bible Study, Education
ConfucianismAs a Christian I have always felt that it is very important to have a …2011/09/03Education
The Fourth AmendmentA couple months ago (in July 2011), I had an email exchange with a UBF …2011/09/03Repentance, U.S. Constitution
Anti-UBF RantJust so that there is no misunderstanding about my position: I am not in favor …2011/09/02Rant
Mars, Moms and LoveLast night we watched the movie “Mars needs Moms”. The animation was astounding. The plot …2011/09/01Love, Obedience
A Pact of SilenceNow that I have officialy left UBF ministry, I aim to continue dialogues about many …2011/08/31Freedom, News
My ReasonsIn my previous post, entitled “Make It Clear”, I state that my leaving UBF is …2011/08/29Bible Study, Detroit, Gifts of the Spirit
Make It ClearMake it clear. Those are the words that keep coming back to my mind each …2011/08/29Clarity, Freedom
Toledo UBF Message FailSeveral people have told me the quality of Sunday messages in Toledo UBF has gone …2011/08/25Bible Study, Repentance
1 Timothy 1Toledo UBF has formed a Leadership Council to address issues within the ministry, such as …2011/08/24News
It is TimeIt’s time to say those words that I’ve put off saying. Words that I wanted …2011/08/23Freedom, Truth
September 17Are you excited? September 17th is approaching fast! Sometimes, September 17th is a day of …2011/08/22Education, Freedom, Truth, U.S. Constitution
Something Different“I don’t care what I do at church the rest of my life, as long …2011/08/18Freedom, Lyrics
I will not bind your conscience“I have no idea what you should do and no intention of binding your conscience.” …2011/08/14Freedom
My SecretGrace Community Church in Detroit is doing a study series entitled “Secrets”. It is nothing …2011/08/09News, Truth
Good, the movieAnything that makes people happy can’t be bad, can it? That line in the movie, …2011/08/06Truth
Amen and thank you Mr. StottJohn Stott died today [July 27th, 2011] at 3:15 London time (about 9:15 a.m. CST), …2011/07/31Dedication, News
Our house church planOur current plan for our house church.2011/07/22Bible Study
The obvious is not always so obviousToday the BBC reported a story that intrigued me greatly. The newsline reads “Top Nazi …2011/07/21News, Truth
Unity or uniformity?Unity is defined by Merriam Webster as “the quality or state of not being multiple: …2011/07/20Ephesians, Gifts of the Spirit
Should I live by principles?Recently a good friend of mine mentioned acting a certain way based on a Christian …2011/07/20Dedication, Education
A Kingdom and Priests“To him who loves us and has freed us from our sins by his blood, …2011/07/17Dedication

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