UBF Message Review – Last one for now

This week’s message from Toledo UBF left me so empty that I felt as if I was walking down a cold dark street in the middle of the night.


Empty. Vague. Hopeless. Christ-less. That’s how this message left me feeling. It’s just not worth it to review such material. I’m going to stop wasting my time. Colossians 2 is a foundational passage of Scripture that transformed my life recently. So perhaps my expectations were too high for a ubf messenger to grasp this passage.

The message can be downloaded here: Continue to Live in Him


“Continue to Live in Him”
Colossians 2:6-23


Question: What do a TV advertisement, Sequoia trees, the new World Trade center building, Matthew Henry, Socrates, Winston Churchill, losing our spiritual possession to the bad world, a telescope, insects performing their duties, Florida A&M’s loss to Ohio state, poison oak from a cat, Francis Schaffer, and selected verses from Colossians 2 have in common?

Answer: This Toledo UBF Sunday message.

This line pretty much sums up the theology you’ll learn from this message: “Now when we sin, our fellowship in Christ may be broken, and we must confess and repent, but our relationship to Christ is never broken.”


Let’s read our key verse. And let’s read this passage and talk about it.


Zero stars.

Good-bye ubf. I leave you to your own vomit. I can’t bear to review any more of these messages. Until ubf people get some actual Christian seminary training, they might as well watch TV on Sunday. Oh wait, TV is evil and secretly subverting our children, along with that darned internet.


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