Organizational Administration

Getting UBF to document their organization’s rules, policies or structure has been nearly impossible since it was founded in South Korea in 1961. Here are the few documents currently available, both to existing members and the public.

UBF By-Laws (UNC Chapel Hill version and UBF USA)

Chapter Succession Plan (Toledo version)

Chapter Model of Ministry (Toledo version)

Presentations by UBF Chapters

2010 Fishing and Outreach Director Training Presentation (2010)

Seminar 101 – Introduction to Fishing and Outreach (2010)

Seminar 102 – Introduction to the Hardcore Contents of 1:1 (2010)

Seminar 103 – Discipleship Explored (2010)

Independent Bible Study Workshop

Go Back to the Bible (2010)

Inductive Bible Study (2010)

UBF Business Mission (2000 – in Korean with some English notes)