• My name is Brian John Karcher, living in the metro area of Detroit, MI
  • I am a software engineer and an author published on Amazon
  • My wife and I went through the arranged marriage process in UBF
  • I was a sheep, shepherd, fellowship-leader, missionary and chapter director in UBF
  • I lived and breathed UBF’s 12 point shepherding ideology from 1987 to 2011
  • I know all about UBF ministry from my 24 years there as a member and leader
  • I resigned from all UBF membership in protest in the summer of 2011, closing the Detroit UBF chapter permanently
  • I worked with Sarah Barry in 2005 to erase negative material about UBF from the internet
  • I once broke into a pastor’s house and helped hide his family’s belongings to “be a blessing”
  • I once paid off the KGB to extend my visa by four weeks as a UBF missionary
  • I have spent over 15,000 hours reading the bible
  • I claim that UBF is a harmful, controlling cult from Korea that should be avoided
  • Numerous people from around the world contact me regularly with questions about UBF
  • Some people who begin questioning UBF contact me and share their stories of abuse
  • You can contact me at brian @ knet6.com

My Observations about the UBF network organization

As of 2016, Korean UBF leaders have demonstrated no desire to address the cultic control issues but instead have built a museum in South Korea to honor their founders, the UBF 12 point heritage and the flawed teachings they embraced from the start in 1961.

As of 2016, the twenty or so primary abusers of power in the UBF system have not only escaped any kind of disciplinary action, but have also been given more honor, power and decision-making authority within the realm of the UBF network.

As of 2016, there are three UBF chapters (all located in North America) with leaders who have openly rejected the cultic and harmful practices and ideology of traditional UBF missionaries.

As of 2016, UBF appears to be on the verge of one or more major splits. Korea UBF continues to promote the hardline, traditional museum-type beliefs of the original UBF, honoring Samuel Lee beyond what Westerners would consider normal honor.

As of 2016, in North America, some UBF leaders have rejected the Korean-promoted 12-point heritage mindset. Some have not rejected the 12-point heritage mindset and instead have created a shiny new, whitewashed website that does not honestly deal with reality but does indicate a break in ties with the traditional UBF system. The newer leaders are now creating layers of committees and membership rules instead of addressing the key issues of UBFism: http://www.ubfnorthamerica.org/

As of 2016, UBF worldwide is still reeling from the fourth reform movement (the other three being in 1976, 1989 and 2001) as many long time leaders continue to leave. Offering was reported to decline by 27% and the UBF summer conference attendance dropped by 17% from 2008 to 2012.

My Opinion about UBF and UBFism as of 2016

After living the UBF heritage, defending the UBF heritage and examining the UBF heritage for the past 26 years (since 1987), I have concluded that anyone who adheres to this ideological system will eventually build a cult. I left UBF because I wholeheartedly reject the UBF 12 point heritage system. I find this system to be so severely flawed and full of contradictions that any sensible human being ought to reject the UBF heritage because full implementation of the heritage can only lead to severe misuse of authority, improper ennoblement of power and abuses of many kinds.

I contend that every Christ-follower ought to reject the UBF 12 point heritage system as heresy that undermines the gospel of Jesus Christ by enslaving people to ideologies and behaviors that become extreme entanglements and hindrances to personal freedom and human well-being. I left UBF ministry because the UBF 12 point heritage has caused massive division among Christian brothers and sisters of many nations for over 50 years, tearing at the very sinews of the Body of Christ. I left in order to save my wife from such entrapment and to spare my children from ever knowing such burdens. And finally, I left in order to preserve my sanity, to restore broken relationships with numerous relatives and friends, and so that I could begin my long road of recovery as I follow Jesus Christ my Lord through the promptings and leading of the Holy Spirit who speaks through the Holy Scriptures.

All praise, glory, honor, power and authority belong solely to our Lord Jesus Christ in whom is found all supremacy, necessity and sufficiency for a full, hopeful, joyful and amazing life.

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