UPDATE as of 4/22/2020! The links below have been reviewed and updated to working links where possible.

UPDATE as of 9/4/2016! Please visit the site for a comprehensive breakdown of the University Bible Fellowship (UBF) shepherding system.

This priestly>nation website is a collection of thoughts, comments and articles that have helped me process my journey of life. For the past several years, I have focused on my recovery from the shepherding ideology I once embraced as a director in the University Bible Fellowship. I have been seeking to find my own narrative of my life and to unbind my mind from the heritage and cultic behavior deeply ingrained in me through more than two decades of UBF training.

If you are looking for my thoughts on my ongoing recovery, you can use the archive search to read through my 300+ articles that generated more than 500 comments. Please also read our 20,000+ comments and hundreds of articles on our blog:

ubfriends (2015 archive)

The Blue Book from UBF

*Update 6/1/2016: The entire blue book is available online (in Korean and English) on the new ubf heritage guarding website. Here is the link to download the 50th Anniversary blue book.

I strongly recommend friends and family of anyone in UBF, as well as the 6,000 or so UBF members worldwide, to demand a copy of the 50th Anniversary “blue book”. I have a copy for those who cannot obtain this book. And make sure you get the printed copy and not the public versions, for the last lecture was deceptively changed for public viewing.

In 2011, the 50th Anniversary mission statement from Korea UBF was rejected by Americans in UBF (and possibly others). The main website took down the statement, but Korea UBF continues to display the new UBF mission statement, which does not mention Jesus at all.

Taking Back Our Identities

For thousands of former UBF leaders and members, we found our identities had been confiscated, as in a kind of spiritual identity theft. This is the thought reform ideology and methodology of the group’s “theology of sacrifice”. I call this UBFism.

Since leaving in 2011, nearly 40 UBF members have contacted me for help making sense of their UBF commitments. Most have left the group. Some were suicidal. For an organized look at the UBF group and its controversial theology and history, please visit my other site:

The BITE Model of Control

The BITE model from Steve Hassan continues to accurately describe the nature of the UBF chapters quite well.

Check out my interview with Steven

Read Steven’s info page about UBF (moved off the main site)

Movies and Music

The best way to recover from such an experience, I found, is movies and music…In UBFism, you “marry” the group, bound for life commitment. Leaving feels like getting divorced…my recovery has been assisted by break-up songs…