In 2002, I registered this domain in order to promote and defend a worldview I held at the time called “kingdom of priests and a holy nation” (KOPAHN for short). KOPAHN is the dominant worldview taught by a new religious movement named University Bible Fellowship, originating in South Korea. Since 2002 however, my defense of KOPAHN, as a Christian worldview, has fallen apart because as I defended KOPAHN, I discovered so many flaws, contradictions, and spiritually abusive teachings that I could no longer believe in such a worldview. In the end, I concluded that it is more important to learn how to be a priest (i.e. Christian) than it is to participate in any attempt to build a new KOPAHN society around the world.

This website is becoming the most comprehensive resource of online information about this new religious movement, University Bible Fellowship (UBF). The information has been collected, categorized, and archived for anyone to read. This archive includes over 300 of my personal blog articles where I detail my recovery from 24 years at UBF, as well as an archive of all the statistics, teachings, books, newspapers, websites, blogs, businesses, documents, presentations and videos about UBF that I’ve been able to locate on the internet.

I include not only the official links to UBF material, but links to material from former members and outside organizations that UBF leaders will rarely discuss or acknowledge the existence of. I share these resources publicly so that everyone can see a more complete picture of what UBF is and what the ministry has done and is doing around the world. I was a director at UBF until I closed down my chapter on 7/4/2011.