In 2011 I shared my purpose for this blog. I find it is still true today.

Validity and Accountability

My purpose is not to stir up controversy or generate division. My purpose is to “weave a new fabric”. I want to untwist the flawed theology I’ve learned over the past two decades. I want to document facts and events as I remember them, and even as new events happen. I want to expose, to explain and to examine my life. Above all, I desire to submit to the Holy Spirit. I want to seek, listen and obey the promptings of the Spirit.

A search for validity

Along this journey, I have discovered things that convince me UBF is a cult. But this does not mean I think everything in UBF is (or was) invalid. Some things in UBF continue to be valid. Finding salvation, my marriage, my friendships: these are all valid.

A search for accountability

Another purpose God has put on my heart is accountability. Who would dare attempt to hold Korean UBF missionaries accountable? Quite a few have tried, but were portrayed as “rebels” or “unGodly”. Those who tried to reform UBF and hold leaders there accountable were far more ambitious than I ever will be. I am like a small guppy swimming in a tank of sharks and whales! Who can hold leaders accountable? God can. My blogging here is to speak the words people in UBF are afraid or unwilling to speak; to ask the tough questions no one in UBF wants asked. All this I do in love and hope and in prayer that the dark side of UBF may be transformed and made into a vessel useful to God.