UBF – A Declining Ministry

In spite of the cheerleading that goes on within the walls of University Bible Fellowship, the numbers tell a troubling story. Here are some facts that highlight the truth: UBF is in decline.

Facts from 2008 to 2012

Over the past 4 years:

  • 27% decline in cash donations (offering)
  • 59% increase in administrative costs
  • 105% drop in net assets
  • $42K deficit in 2012
  • 17% drop in ISBC attendants *
  • 50% exodus of longtime leaders in Toledo UBF

Abandoning the Heritage

UBF loves numbers. Will anyone pay attention to these numbers? UBF is indeed at a crossroads. Everyone knows why. The 12 point heritage system in UBF is being abandoned more and more. Students don’t buy into their teachings. No one these days wants to be controlled by a personal, lifelong shepherd who approves every life decision and who monitors their morality on a weekly basis. Many are no longer satisfied with shallow theology that just tells you “Feed sheep” and distorts the gospel of Jesus. Leaders are no longer tolerating excuses, half-truths and lies. People long for real friendship. They crave the grace of God. They are no longer allowing the Korean culture to suffocate their own culture. People are realizing the Confucian teachings in UBF that have kept them from connecting with the vast, rich Christian history.

Financial Decline

UBF is required to report actual numbers to the ECFA, since joining in 2007. I’ve been tracking these numbers in my own spreadsheet. [Note: The ECFA website presents the numbers in reverse years, showing the most recent year on the left. I find it more natural to show the most recent year on the right.] In any case, below is a spreadsheet capturing the 2008 to 2013 numbers. The 2014 numbers should be reported to the ECFA by June 2015.


Some more thoughts:

UBF Statistics 11/2014
UBF Numbers Update 11/2012
UBF Numbers Game 7/2012
UBF 12 Million Dollars 9/2011

When will the leaders acknowledge this and address the obvious issues that are causing the decline?

ECFA reported numbers for UBF
2008 Purdue UBF ISBC Report
2013 Pennsylvania UBF ISBC Report

* Multiple numbers were reported for the 2008 ISBC and the 2013 ISBC, so no one seems to know the exact numbers. However, all reported numbers show a decline between 15% and 20% in people who attended the UBF ISBC conferences.

* Links fixed and updated 2/8/2015


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