A New Blog

A kingdom of priests. A royal priesthood. God’s chosen people. These are the words deeply ingrained in my mind. Such words are why I chose “priestlynation.com” in 2002: to declare God’s message as a priest. Today I am convinced I must do just that.

Today I open a new chapter in this ongoing blog, with the purpose of sharing what God has put on my heart and mind regarding His priestly nation. In this blogging project, I will be examining the Bible’s teaching about God’s chosen people and comparing the Bible’s teachings with what UBF teaches in their Blue Book. It is clear to me that God’s purpose is indeed to raise up a priestly nation (Exodus 19:5-6, 1 Peter 2:9). I want to find out how God’s purpose compares to what UBF teaches, examining the Blue Book lectures in light of Scripture.

The questions on my mind today are these:

  • What does God want His chosen people to do?
  • Did God ever become angry with His chosen people?
  • What messages did God give to His prophets to declare to His chosen people?


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