Helpful Movies

I’ve posted this list in parts elsewhere, but I feel it may be helpful to post again.

After leaving UBF, I find that psychology has much to help to offer. The following media summarizes what has been very helpful to me, to unbind my mind and find the freedom and grace and love Jesus promised.

Helpful movies:
– “Mars Needs Moms
– “The Hunger Games
– “Good
– “Downfall
– “Amen
– “Tangled
– “Wrecked
– “The Lorax
– “Monsters Inc.
– “Megamind
– “Despicable Me
– “The Shunning
– “Astro Boy

My favorite blogger these days:

A helpful documentary about Bonhoeffer:

The story of Charles Spurgeon, the prince of preachers:
(converted while the normal pastor was snowed in!)

9 thoughts on “Helpful Movies

  1. Thanks, Brian. I’ve watched almost all of them, and am going to watch the rest. But I didn’t think about Monsters Inc’s helpfulness, now I find it to be very helpful, yes )). You know somewhy I liked a movie “The Shooter”. It is not christian, but it seems to me that it is very american and about justice and law(especially in the end) and about one man’s possibility to fight back. This movie is like a warning for those who don’t think seriously of harming or even killing one man. I just liked the movie and watched it may be 10 times )).

    • BTW I watched other movies by Antoine Fuqua and I liked them. They are very realistic. I watched also “Brooklyn’s Finest”, “Training Day”, “Tears of the Sun”. “Training Day” is a bit “dirty” movie, at least with russian translation. Still in the movie there is a naive young policeman, and even a latin mafia band leader decides not to kill him, saying something like “Who could imagine that a cop can do a good thing?”. “Tears of the Sun” is really a touching to the heart movie. An officer is commanded to save american and european missionaries, but when he sees unspeakable cruelty of muslims he decides to save as many as he can. The movie shows also a contrast between black people in the USA and in Africa.

  2. Be Courageous…Seek justice, love mercy…

    Recently, I watched the movie “Courageous”. I learnt that fathers play a very important role in a family and the society. They have deep influence on children and the next generation. I wish UBF-HK’s fathers and ancestor of faith could be courageous to act justice and speak out the truth honestly.

    • Yes, HKUBF. “Courageous” is a very good christian movie, made by a baptist church. There are four films made by the same authors: also “Fireproof” which is very good, “Flywheel”, and “Facing the Giants”. After watching “Courageous” my wife said, “They speak so often about what the Bible says about fathers’ role in a family; and it seems to me that I don’t know what the Bible says about fathers even after 19 years of UBF Bible study”. There are so many “shepherds” and “fathers” in UBF but everything is founded on confucian teaching of blind obedience, not on the Bible teaching. There are also so many families in UBF and all of them are “by faith”; still UBF teaches that family is not important, that everyone is to sacrifice his/her family and children for the sake of “world mission” and obedience to the directors, actually for the sake of UBF. Now we have to reread and restudy the Bible.