In Memory of Sarah

Today’s post is for people in USA UBF.  I know that, like myself in the past, most of you dismiss the dark side of UBF as “something Lee did” or “something that happened in Germany” or “something that happened in the 1970’s”.  (as if any of those attitudes are any kind of justification…) Today I share some facts about a painful event to demonstrate that the dark side happens in the USA, and recently.

Today I share nothing new. No new revelation. No new facts. Just a summary of what has already taken place. Just a collection of public information. I share no analysis or opinion; just the facts.

But still I write today. I write because ignoring facts about dark events is not healthy. Sweeping dark events under the rug only propagates unhealthy and destructive patterns. I share in memory today of Sarah Regina Thompson. I pray that one day UBF will setup a trust fund in her name, in a public effort to end the pattern.

Woman Jumps off CTA Train in Chicago, 2/16/2005

The Phoenix News
Issue: 2/16/2005
by Dianna Heitz

Wellness Center receptionist Eva Martin headed toward the Loyola Red Line el station to go home after work around 5 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 10. After passing through the turnstile, she took the escalator up toward the southbound tracks. When she arrived at the top of the escalator and stepped off, Martin was stunned to see a woman leap off the platform and onto the tracks in front of an approaching train.

“I saw her squat down and jump off the platform,” Martin said. “The woman in front of me started screaming and everyone on the platform was stunned. We didn’t know what else to do other than call an ambulance.”

The woman, whose identity has not been released, was 42 years old. According to Sergeant Robert Cargie of the Chicago Police Department, she jumped at approximately 5:03 p.m. and was killed instantly by the train.

“We are not releasing the woman’s name because this is a tragedy and her family has suffered enough,” Cargie said. “What we do know is that it appears it was a suicide. Eye witnesses say it looked like the woman had the intention to commit suicide and didn’t just slip off the platform.”

According to Cargie, the CPD is investigating the death in order to make sure that it was a suicide. The CPD has spoken with the woman’s friends and family and has looked into whether the woman had a history of mental illness. As of now, the CPD has concluded that the woman did not fall off the tracks nor was foul play involved; they believe the woman intended for the oncoming train to hit her.

Junior Patti Neugent was on the northbound platform when the woman was struck. Although she did not see or hear anything, she instantly knew something was wrong.

“People started moving us off the platform and I didn’t really know what was going on,” Neugent said. “When I got downstairs, someone said they had seen someone jump.”

Martin said that the CPD and ambulances arrived within a few minutes of the woman’s death. According to Cargie, the ambulances and fire department arrived at approximately 5:10 p.m.

The driver, who was visibly shaken by the accident, was ushered off the platform by the Chicago Transit Authority attendant stationed downstairs.


Public Words from Friend of Sarah , 5/25/2005

“I know this poor lady who killed herself, my kids play with her kids. I have known her for almost 20 years. She had been a long time member of a religious group that is unhealthy, to say the least! That group is called the University Bible Fellowship(ubf).

In fact, another member of the ubf group who had attended Loyola for a short time committed suicide in 2000 or 2001. This group is trying to fly under the radar of cult watchers, but the word about them is being spread more and more.

FYI, at the ubf they officialy explain away the lady’s death as an accident. They also disrespect her by saying that she had mental illness for many years, so “they should never have allowed her to marry.” The ubf is similar to the Moon cult in that all marriages are arranged personally by the leaders. Usually the marriages are arranged without any thought of love, happiness or compatibility. The lady who committed suicide at Loyola was married to a total stranger, and obviously felt trapped in a loveless marriage and a hopeless future in a cult group.”


Chicago UBF Report by her husband, 8/5/2009

“God and his word have guided me safely through the storms of life. On December 29, 1989, I married Sarah Regina Thompson, with full confidence in God’s sovereignty. And God gave us peace, and a family of three children: Christopher, Charles, and Ruth. Sarah Regina was a powerful Gospel worker who prayed very earnestly for God’s flock and raised up Loni Loy, myself, and our children through prayer and bible study.

The calm in our family was disrupted when she passed away, in 2005. This shocking event caused me to realize that I am subject to God’s absolute sovereignty. He can bless, and he can take away. So I decided to trust God’s love and make the most of Sarah Regina’s investment in me and our kids. I decided to follow through with god’s calling to go to Russia with my kids.”


Public discussion by former UBF members, 3/4/2005

While I agree that we should show respect for Regina’s family during this awful time of grief; I think we would do her and her family a great injustice to not speak of this tragedy again.

UBF is renowned for dismissing human suffering in every aspect. Regina’s death cannot be dismissed or ever forgotten.

I will never forget. I believe that every former UBF member should continue to speak out and expose every travisty that has continued to take place within UBF.

6 thoughts on “In Memory of Sarah

  1. There is another tragedy here: the cover up. What were UBF members told? For the most part, nothing. More information about this sad event was found out on the internet disucssions than from UBF leaders:

    And all the while, back in 2005, I was pontificating about how great UBF is…

  2. I met missionary Thompson in the USA and know that he is in StPetersberg, Russia. But I have never heard the Sarah’s story. I am terrified… I remember when I wanted to leave UBF some years ago my wife cried and said that I would ruin her life. Now after reading the Sarah’s story she confessed that she was ready to commit suicide several times (when I spoke about my possible leaving UBF), because she couldn’t imagine her life without UBF. She confessed that she didn’t think about her husband and children and parents at those moments. I left UBF last fall and I was so sick phisically that I told my wife several times, “If I die, know that UBF killed me”. UBF is the worst thing I have come across in my life.

    • Vitaly, although my heart wrenches as I read your words, I have tears of joy to call you my friend.

      Your words confirm my suspicions, that this story was swept under the rug in Russia. I suspect there are few, if any, in Russia who know these facts. As your family found out, this is not a healthy way to live.

      Peace and grace to you.

  3. Hey Brian, I knew Sarah Thompson and her husband. 2005 was the year we left UBF actually. Her death was never mentioned by Ron Ward from the pulpit, Nor was it talked about at the center. What a tragedy.

    • David, I think we need many more people to step up and speak out, so that we can all know the facts of such events. Until we do so, I don’t see much chance of God’s healing or restoration.