UBF Ideology – 12 point heritage

The first part of the 12 point UBF heritage system is what I call the ”mindset section” or the “ideology section”. The first 7 points are concepts and ideas, describing the UBF idea of orthodoxy. The last 5 points however, describe specific actions and behaviors, and make up the UBF idea of orthopraxy. While the first section has many vague thoughts and often is open to individual interpretation as to what the slogans mean, the second section is more clearly defined in most UBF chapters. The second section really gets into the heart of the UBF lifestyle, and there is often little doubt as to what these last 5 points mean.

Section I – Ideological slogans the UBF mindset
1. Back to the Bible
2. World mission
3. Campus evangelism
4. Manger ministry
5. A spirit of giving
6. Spiritual order
7. Lay missionaries

Section II – Behavioral slogans the UBF lifestyle
8. House churches (arranged marriage and pioneering)
9. One to one Bible study (weekly individual meeting to answer Bible questions)
10. Disciple-making ministry (surrendering life events and life decisions)
11. Daily Bread (daily devotional meeting)
12. Testimony writing & sharing (weekly group sharing meeting)

The picture above is my visualization of the UBF heritage ideology as it was presented to me. At first it looked glorious! Then after 24 years, the image had degraded into the dark image below. Note how each of the images is connected to each other (i.e. notice the glorious flags above and how they become black flags below).

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