UBF 50th Anniversary Book: God’s Word

The UBF Blue Book is the “2011 UBF Shepherd Missionary Seminar” book published in 2011 by UBFPress. The new purpose of this blog is to review what is in this book and what this book is teaching.

As I begin to read the book, I am quickly confused. The title is “spirit, ministry, vision”. The word “spirit” is intentionally made lowercase. Why would this be? The Blue Book is about “spirit”. This is clearly not the Holy Spirit, but some other spirit. I’m not sure what spirit the book is referring to, but I want to find out.

The teaching is also about “ministry” and “vision”, which doesn’t seem so confusing.  So I would expect to find teachings in this book related to what UBF ministry is about and what vision UBF has for the future. This is a good thing. Finally, after 24 years, I have found a book that documents what UBF is all about!

As I open this book, inside the front cover,  I am presented with an opening statement, followed by a rough outline of the six parts of the book. Some of the words are boldly highlighted in all CAPS and blue coloring:


Having been a leader in UBF, I think that accurately sums up everything you need to know about UBF. In UBF, you will answer questions about God’s word, pray God’s word, write testimonies about God’s word, share God’s word, preach God’s word, talk about God’s word, sacrifice for God’s word, make banners about God’s word, accept God’s word and most supremely: teach God’s word.

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