Workshop Change

The UBF Leadership Workshop location was changed from the Salvation Army Camp to the Chicago Center. The reason per the email below is “Due to the large number of interested candidates we have had…”

I am posting this online because this information might not filter down to those attending. I am also posting this because it is a clear example of leaders giving strange reasons for changing things without further explanation, as well as the top down communication from a coordinator to the chapter directors. Hopefully by now an email went out to the actual registered participants.

From: —————–
Sent: Saturday, September 24, 2011 5:59 PM
To: ———-
Subject: Leadership Development Workshop update

Dear Coworkers,

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. This is an update concerning the Leadership Development Workshop to be held October 27-30. Due to the large number of interested candidates we have had thus far during the registration period, the venue for this workshop has been changed from the Salvation Army Camp Wonderland in Camp Lake, Wisconsin to the Chicago Center. Accordingly the cost of attending the workshop has also been changed from $175 to $120.

The registration deadline for this conference will be 9/30/2011, so please get all candidate applications and recommendations in ASAP.

May the Lord bless our young leaders abundantly through this workshop.

In Christ, ———-

One thought on “Workshop Change

  1. The above email is in contrast to the original email that went out to Directors, which makes it clear that only 45 people will be accepted anyway. This appears to be an open workshop with an application process. In reality, it is still just another training of hand-picked candidates.

    “The space is limited. Only about 45 leaders will be accepted to this workshop. Please help anyone you want to send to apply and recommend them as soon as possible. The cost is $175 and the place is Camp Wonderland in Wisconsin. Further details are available on the registration website.”